Bucknotes (8/1)

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and then you have this week's version of Bucknotes.

Here's the good news and bad news as the Buckeyes prepare for the longest season in school history.

Good news: The Bucks have eight home games.
Bad news: None of them are at night.

Good: Craig Krenzel proved he was cool under fire last year while helping the Bucks to their first win in Ann Arbor since 1987.
Bad: Steve Bellisari still played the majority of the Outback Bowl.

Good: The freshmen offensive linemen are looking good. Three of them will probably crack the two-deep.
Bad: The offensive line will probably have three true freshmen in the two-deep.

Good: Al Johnson has had a full year to implement his strength and conditioning philosophies.
Bad: The Bucks are still working out in a high school sized weight room.

Good: OSU plays Indiana and Northwestern this year. Michigan doesn't play either of them.
Bad: When the Bucks win the Big Ten title, we'll have to hear UM fans whine about the schedule.

Good: John Navarre is Michigan's starting quarterback.
Bad: He might not be by Nov. 23.

Good: Jim Tressel never has that "bewildered" look on the sidelines that John Cooper made famous.
Bad: Tress' sweater vests. Let's leave those for OSU grad Bob Knight, who just might be in town three weeks from Saturday.

Good: Mike Doss came back for his senior season.
Bad: He still has to wait one more year to get even with Drew Brees.

Good: Doss is ranked as a "98" on the EA Sports College Football 2003 game.
Bad: Who the hell is a 99?

Good: Brandon Schnittker might be the best backup fullback in the Big Ten.
Bad: He might not be a backup anymore.

Good: Dustin Fox was timed as the fastest player on the team.
Bad: This can't sit well with guys like Mo Hall, Harlen Jacobs and Chris Gamble.

Good: The Bucks are stacked at wide receiver with Mike Jenkins, Chris Vance, 
Gamble, Drew Carter and Bam Childress.
Bad: They will probably be under-utilized.

Good: Matt Wilhelm will be one of the nation's best middle linebackers.
Bad: Mike D'Andrea wants to play MLB.

Good: The Washington State game should be a fun battle between two possible top 10 teams.
Bad: The Cougars have a much better football team than Ohio's "Wazoo," Wright State University.

Good: The Ohio Stadium renovations couldn't have been done any better.
Bad: The cheapest ticket in the "New Shoe" is $47.50.

Good: The Bucks are a consensus preseason top 15 team.
Bad: They have finished out of the postseason top 25 for three straight years.

Good: Rob Harley and Jim Otis Jr. are members of the team.
Bad: They aren't quite as good as "Chic" and "Senior."

Good: Tim Spencer looks like he could still play.
Bad: Jim Karsatos does not.

Good: Scarlet and Gray.
Bad: Gray road uniforms (who would come up with such a stupid idea? OK, maybe that was me).

Good: Silver Bullet defense.
Bad: My friend TJ after having one too many silver bullets at the new "Coorsgate."

Good: Derek Morris has been compared to Orlando Pace.
Bad: Morrill Tower pancakes taste better than waffles.

Good: Archie Griffin is still at OSU.
Bad: Chris Spielman is a radio host, not a Buckeye assistant coach.

Good: D'Andrea's 40-inch+ vertical.
Bad: Jim O'Brien still needs another 2-guard (which might end up being Nate Salley).

Good: The season starts in 23 days.
Bad: It doesn't start tomorrow.

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