Pryor Receives OSU Football Offer

Two-sport standout Terrelle Pryor of Jeannette (Pa.) High School is a wanted man in both football and basketball. Pryor may be looking more in the direction of basketball, but the junior recently got a scholarship offer for football that opened some eyes. Read on for more.

He's double the trouble for opponents. But for Jeannette High School, he's double the fun.

That's because Terrelle Pryor is a dual-sport star.

The 6-6 215-pound Pryor is a junior in Jeannette, Pa. and has made it big both on the gridiron and the hardwood. Most recently, Pryor has begun receiving scholarships in full force for his football prowess, on top of basketball – where he is ranked as the No. 2 small forward in the country by

"He got a couple of football offers," said his guardian, Willie Burns. "I don't remember most of them, but I know Ohio State is one of them that just offered September 1st."

In football, the athletic Pryor plays quarterback and also defensive end.

Pryor made headlines when he committed to Pittsburgh for basketball in January of this past year while he was just a sophomore. However, back in April, he backed off that commitment.

He is now still mulling over options for both sports.

"He was on one of those trips down to the basketball game, he didn't have anything else to do, he had gone with his good buddy Herb Pope and they committed to Pittsburgh together," Burns explained. "They wanted to go to college together. He was kind of young and just got excited."

Now, not only does Pryor have to decide whether Pittsburgh will still be the best choice for him, but he has many other schools to look at as well as two sports to consider.

For now, Pryor is taking it slowly with visits and the recruiting process.

"He's just a junior so we haven't done any visits yet," Burns added. "But as far as offers, you name it, he's got it.

"It seems like maybe 25 letters already have been coming to the house," Burns elaborated. "He's been hearing from Virginia, Penn State, Pitt, Clemson, I think UCLA, I can't even name them all – West Virginia, it's coming from all over."

Since Pryor took a step back, Burns has been encouraging him to take his time and not rush into anything the second time around.

It was Burns' advice to wait a while.

"I told him not to even mention where he's going to go until it's time to make a decision," Burns recalls telling Pryor. "I said, ‘you have two years left, you don't need to decide where to go until the time comes.'"

With some intriguing offers coming down the line in football, people are curious as to which route Pryor will ultimately take.

Will it be college football or college basketball – or possibly both?

"Right now it's basketball," Burns said. "He excels at both. But it's football season right now so it could be football season. Whatever sport he's playing is what he pushes for."

Burns reports that Pryor just started school this past week.

Last year, however, Pryor ended up with about a 3.5 GPA – a fact that Burns is quite proud of.

"We want him to work hard in school," Burns said.

Burns talked about the Ohio State offer.

"It's a big deal," he said. "That's a great program. I can't remember them all (the offers), but Ohio State I remember – that's one you don't forget."

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