Photo Day Quotebook - Part 1

Dave Biddle attended Photo Day today and got some great quotes. Part one is a conversation with Coach Tressel and Maurice Hall.

The first day of full-pads practice is set for Wednesday. Head coach Jim Tressel talked a little bit about what the freshmen have been going through and what to expect from the full-squad workouts the next few days.

"We gave the freshmen as much as they could handle and then some these last few days," Tressel told "Tomorrow, we'll go over just about everything the freshmen have seen with the entire squad. And then when you get to the afternoon, the freshmen will start seeing things that they maybe haven't seen before. And then Sunday, we'll give them a little bit more. And then Monday and Tuesday, a whole bunch more. And then when the pads go on, you go back. It's somewhat like starting over. So, we'll try to keep the freshmen doing the things that they know how to do so that we can let their abilities express themselves. But we can't wait too long because we have to get in what we have to get in."

Coach Tressel said he has checked out on a couple of occasions. What is his comment on websites like ours?

"You know, websites like Bucknuts are real," he said. "I mean, it's not going to change, it's only going to get more. And the neat thing about Ohio State is that there is so much interest that it will only escalate. We know the industry is changing and fans want information as quickly as they can get it."

We also tracked down tailback Maurice Hall. Or should we say, the "beefed-up" Mo Hall.

"Yeah, I'm up to 199 pounds to be exact," Hall said. "I've been working real hard in the weight room to go with the running and conditioning. I've just been eating right and lifting weights and it's helped me out a little bit."

Hall played at 185 pounds last year. He says the added weight has not slowed him down. "I'm as quick as ever. Last time we ran the 40, I ran a 4.28."

It was reported that Dustin Fox was the fastest player on the team during winter conditioning. Well, Hall told us that's not completely true.

"Dustin had the fastest time the last time we ran, but they had me as the fastest overall. More often than not, I was timed as the fastest, but that last time Dustin got me." 

Hall was asked what he expected from the running back "rotation." Does he envision something like 10-12 carries per game, with some passes mixed in?

"I don't know. I'm just going to try to take advantage of every carry that I get and every pass that I get and show what I can do."

Does Hall like the competition at tailback?

"Yeah, I think it's definitely going to make us better. I think if all the backs are better and push each other, it's going to help our team."

What does Hall say to the people who consider him a "scat" back?

"I know a lot of people think I'm a small guy. You know, I might not be as big as the rest of them, but I think I can definitely hold my own on the inside runs."

How much does the explosive Hall enjoy returning kicks?

"I like it a lot. You know, trying to help the team run back a touchdown, that's always a good feeling."

Who will be back there with him? Mike Doss?

"Yeah, right now they've got me and Mike back there. We have a lot of people that could be back there with us. Bam Childress, he was back there last year and Chris Gamble is another one."

Hall changed his number from 20, to 28 this year. Was that his old high school number?

"No, it wasn't. I just like this number because of Warrick Dunn and Marshall Faulk. I try to pattern my game after theirs," he concluded.

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