Total Access is here Introduces Specially Priced ‘Total Access' Pass

SEATTLE – Those wondering what they get with a subscription to any site on network now have a different, indisputably more positive and crystal clear answer.


Today, introduces the Total Access Pass, which, at special pre-season pricing, offers users access to more than ever before:

  • Members-only message boards on your favorite site.
  • All content on network – that means every College, NFL, High School and Expert site.
  • All recruiting and expert content on network.
  • The Scout™ Player and Roster Database.
  • Player Pages, detailing the recruitment and careers of players from high school, college and the pro ranks.

  • The Total Access Pass is available at a sale price of $79.95 for an annual subscription or $7.95 monthly, CEO Jim Heckman announced. The special pricing is down from $119.90 for Club and Recruiting annual passes, or $11.90 per month, plus offers a significant savings over the competition.

    While supplies last, anyone purchasing an annual Total Access Pass also will receive a free Recruiting Yearbook.

    "We're knocking down all the barriers," Heckman said, "and we're so eager for our customers to see everything we have to offer, we've completely slashed our prices. Not only do we have the top college team sites and best recruiting experts on the Web, we have an elite-level NFL network, which nobody else has.

    "Now there's nothing to decipher, no decisions to make, no more confusion. 'What do I get?' Everything, more than anywhere else. ‘Total Access' says it perfectly."

    The network recently unveiled re-designed player pages, which include essential data, photos and biography, as well as links to every Hot News item and feature story written about the player.

    "Again, no more confusion," Heckman said. "Our re-designed elements make it much easier for the users to find what they want. We think it also spotlights the great, proprietary content that is produced by our recruiting, draft and other experts, as well as our team publishers and their staffs."

    Existing subscribers can upgrade their accounts to Total Access via a special, time-credit offer. Those customers will have the dollar-equivalent of time remaining on current subscriptions applied as additional time on their Total Access Pass.

    Editor's Note: We think this is a pretty good deal. Previously, the price was set at $119.90 a year to get both the Bucknuts Club and the Recruiting Pass, but now, you get both of these things at the new $79.95 a year price, and you ALSO get access to the NFL sites, such as Bernie's Insiders at and TFY Draft Preview at, as well as other sites like Monter Draft and College Basketball News at We'd buy that!!!

    Click here to subscribe!

    Current Subscribers:

    As long as you maintain your credit card on file, you can keep your existing subscriptions indefinitely.

    If you wish to convert to Total Access, you will receive a prorated time credit, based on what you have remaining on your existing subscription(s). If you are a Club and Recruiting Pass holder, you definitely will want to convert. Those passes are a combined $119.90 per year, while the Total Access Pass is on special for $79.95 per year (or $7.95 per month). Total Access literally will give you access to everything.

    (Note: While supplies last, anyone who purchases an annual Total Access Pass will receive a free Recruiting Yearbook from

    To convert, all you need to do is purchase the Total Access Pass. Your existing subscription(s) will be cancelled and your time credit extended – automatically. If you wish to see how much credit you are eligible for today (this changes, of course, in relationship to how much time is remaining on your subscription(s)), go through the signup process. After choosing a Total Access product, you will see a screen that shows your existing subscription(s), how much time remains on each and how much time credit you would receive on a Total Access Pass.

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