Buford Setting Up Visits

William Buford of Toledo Libbey solidified his status as a blue-chip prospect with a strong summer camp showing. Now he is getting ready to choose which colleges will be getting a visit. Check out this update for more.

William Buford might be close to winding down his recruitment. But he also might not.

Before the 6-5 junior wing does anything, he's going to have a busy month of October and maybe November bouncing around the Midwest visiting campuses of some big-time programs.

The No. 11 overall prospect by ScoutHoops.com and No. 3 shooting guard from Toledo Libbey has already visited Ohio State and Michigan State multiple times each.

In October, Buford will likely take a handful of visits to other schools involved with him according to Buford's father, William Buford Sr. gave a list of schools and also some visits coming up.

"He's got Ohio State up there definitely," the father told Bucknuts.com on Sunday afternoon, "and we went to Michigan State a couple of times.

"We want to visit Louisville, the University of Kentucky and Indiana," Buford Sr. added. "Then I think we're going to go visit before basketball season Illinois and I think Cincinnati also."

The elder Buford said at that time they may not be ready to make a decision although they have discussed it in the past committing to a school this fall.

"I think he is now very committed to not committing to anybody until probably next summer," Buford Sr. explained, "but I do want him to have his list down to three schools at least before basketball season starts and that's it."

Expected to possibly be two of those schools – Michigan State and Ohio State have already had Buford on campus several times and have been involved for a while.

Buford's father was asked to give his thoughts on the two programs.

"Both of the schools are great," he added. "I like Coach (Matta) and his assistant Coach (John) Groce. They treat us great. We loved their academics, their facilities there. We don't have anything bad to say, at least I don't have anything bad to say about either school and he (William) doesn't either.

"Both of them impressed him," Buford Sr. said of his son's feelings, "but who he's leaning to, I probably couldn't tell you. He doesn't even tell me. He's got a good poker face and I haven't figured it out yet."

Even if Buford Sr. knew what his son was thinking for sure, he said it would probably change.

There was some talk that perhaps Buford would have committed to a school by now.

"One minute I had got on him about deciding to commit and then the next day he told his mom he wasn't," said Buford Sr. "I just leave him alone now because he felt like he was getting pressured and I want him to enjoy it."

As a sophomore, Buford averaged 22.4 points a game and 11 rebounds. His AAU team, the 16-under D-1 Greyhounds won the 16-under National Championship this July just a week after Buford was named a co-Player of the Week for underclassmen at the ABCD Camp in Teaneck, N.J.

With recruiting and development alike, Buford's father wants him to take things one-step at a time.

"We teach him, and his mom is a lot worse on him than I am about that stuff, but we teach him to respect the game," said the dad, "and if he respects the game, the game will take care of him."

Buford Sr. said that they were looking into getting a personal trainer for his son to help him get stronger and quicker.

Beyond strength and conditioning, defense is the other big thing they want to see William improve upon.

"Right now he plays big-man defense where he doesn't get down enough like a guard and play defense straight up with a guy," Buford's father added. "He's coming along very, very good though."

The Buford family realizes the importance of their pending decision whether it's two months from now or next summer.

Beyond having William make the decision that's best for him, the father has just a few requests.

"I'd like for him to take into account that his parents would like to come see him play – some of his friends would like to come see him," concluded Buford Sr. "I don't want him to go far but I'm not going to tell him not to go far. We want to be able to sometimes come get him on the weekends and bring him home instead of him staying somewhere all the time some place that is kind of far."

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