Hines And Glenville Getting Better Each Week

As the young guys get more experience each week, Glenville lost a ton of talented kids to graduation last year, the Tarblooders are feeling better and better about the eventual outcome of their season this year. Although the loss to Mentor in week one was very disappointing, Glenville has bounced back from it in a big way and they're working hard to have the best season their school's ever had.

At the halfway point in the regular season the Glenville Tarblooders are 4-1 and currently ranked sixth in Division I, Region I, and Jermale Hines, the next big-time, can't miss recruit at the school thinks everything is moving along just fine for his team right now.

"Everything is going good right now," Hines said. "We're just working on the little things, trying to get better to prepare ourselves for the playoffs."

The Tarblooders are involved with the Senate League portion of their schedule until the end of the regular season and that's allowing Hines to just focus on honing his offensive skills at this time.

"Right now I'm playing just on offense but for any of the big games I'll go play on defense too," Hines said. "Like when we play South or Rhodes I'll go back on defense."

Hines, one of the top-rated players in the state, is mainly known for his prowess on defense. But he took over the chores under center this season, he played quarterback in his freshman year at Berrien High School in Georgia, and he's been leading the team effectively on offense this year.

But during his impressive effort in the Strongsville game in week three, Hines suffered somewhat of a lingering injury that he's fortunately been able to play through to this point.

"It was a deep thigh bruise. It's pretty much healed right now though," he said. "It's still a little bit sore but I can still run full speed. I just don't have the initial burst that I had before the injury but it will come in time."

That's obviously part of the reason why the staff at Glenville has chosen to only play Hines on offense during this portion of their schedule, a mistake that the staff has since admitted to making in the opener when they opted to only play Hines on offense in their only loss of the season to Mentor.

"(The injury) is part of the reason," Hines said. "Since I got hurt they're trying to preserve me now, as much as they can, because it's going to get rough down the road."

Hines, who took over the reins at quarterback for Glenville after Arvell Nelson moved on to the University of Iowa this year, has been improving steadily as the Tarblooders new field general this season.

"I'm doing good right now," Hines said. "It started off a little rough for me but now I'm starting to get comfortable and relaxed. We're trying to throw the ball a little bit more and it's coming along good."

The left-handed signal caller, who is clearly blessed with a ton of athletic ability, is trying hard to be a complete quarterback and a legitimate threat with both running with and throwing the football.

"I like to pass first, run second," Hines said. "I only run if I ain't got nothing there, then I'll take off. I like to run though. I like contact."

That's rather obvious when you watch him play on defense. Hines is usually all over the field and he likes to hit anything moving that has a different color jersey than the one that he has on. His ability to play defense is the main reason why schools like Ohio State, Michigan and a whole host of others are very interested in recruiting him.

And speaking of recruiting, for the past two Saturdays Hines has been to Ohio Stadium to see the Buckeyes in action.

"The last couple of games were great. I went to the Penn State game and the Cincinnati game," Hines said. "The Penn State game was great. There was a lot of crowd noise and it was a terrific atmosphere."

Hines, who has been in contact with Ohio State on a regular basis, has no scholarship offer from the Buckeye staff at this time.

"They talk to me," Hines said. "They talk to me a lot about football and how things are going and about my grades. I get letters, texts and phone calls. It's a good thing."

He says he's not discouraged in any way because they haven't offered him yet.

"The only reason, I feel, that they haven't offered me is because of my ACT score," said Hines who confirmed that he has a 2.9 GPA and he will take the ACT for a second time in October. "I feel once I get that taken care of then they'll offer me. I got a little work to do there but I'll keep taking it."

Michigan, West Virginia, Purdue, Louisville, Wisconsin and Iowa are just some of the major offers that he does have at this time. He would like to visit at least a few of these schools for a game if he's able to.

"I'm going to Iowa this weekend for an unofficial visit," Hines said. "Me and my little brother Berchard and my father are going. I think Otis (Merrill) and Shaq (Shawntel Rowell - brother Chris Rowell plays for Iowa) are going too. And Coach Ginn is going."

But he doesn't really have any game plan as far as recruiting is concerned at this time.

"I'm just taking it a little-step by a little-step right now," Hines said. "I haven't really sat down and looked at it yet. After the season I'm going to sit down and take a look at it real hard."

Ultimately, he knows that he has what amounts to a responsibility to his school to seriously consider an offer from Ohio State if it should materialize at any point in the future.

"It's very important because people look year-to-year for someone from Glenville to have an offer from Ohio State," Hines said. "It would be very heartbreaking for someone not to have one."

And if an offer comes his way from Ohio State is there a good shot that Hines would become the next Tarblooder to become a Buckeye?

"Yes there is," he said.

So until that time comes, if it ever does, Hines will have to seriously consider all of his other options.

"I like Michigan a lot, they're recruiting me hard. I like them," Hines said. "And I have to say up there with Michigan is West Virginia and Iowa. And I talk to Purdue a lot too. I'm probably a Big Ten kind of guy."

But first there's the matter of him finishing his senior season at Glenville strong. A week-eight win over Cleveland South, who's 5-0 at this time, should go a long way toward helping the Tarblooders clinch a playoff spot by the end of the year.

"We should have more than enough (computer) points to get in," Hines said. "And Rhodes should end up with 6 or 7 wins so we should have more than enough points."

And once they get in, Hines likes his school's chances to go very far this year. After all of the talent that has gone through Glenville, and on to Ohio State, in recent years, Hines thinks this might be the best overall team they've ever had.

Jermale, Berchard - Jr. and Xavier Hines - Soph.

"I feel that we can beat any team out there right now," said Hines who admitted that he would like to have another shot at Mentor in the playoffs. "I'd love to play them again."

That potential rematch certainly looks like it could indeed become a reality at some point down the line.

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