ONN Video: Ohio High Top 1-20

Bucknuts staffers Dave Biddle and Duane Long recently joined up with the Ohio News Network to do a special review of the Ohio High top 20. Today, courtesy of the Ohio News Network, we have a video presentation of this segment, complete with player highlights.

The high school football season is halfway over, and as it progresses, the stock of the state's top prospects will rise and fall. But before the season started, Ohio High Magazine set out once again to project the state's top 100 senior football prospects.

The Bucknuts staff joined up with Ohio News Network recently to break down the preseason top 20 prospects in the state. Bucknuts assistant editor Dave Biddle joined ONN for the bottom half of the top 20, while recruiting analyst Duane Long came on board for the top half.

Today we bring you video of the top 20 review. The feature runs roughly 16 minutes total in length. Included is highlights and analysis.

Click below to check out part one of the special.

ONN Recruiting - Ohio High rankings 11-20

ONN recruiting - Ohio High rankings 1-10

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