Glenville's Scott Is Two-Way Play Maker

It might be a bit early to annoint anyone as the next really big-time prospect at Glenville in the junior class but Cordale Scott is already showing signs that he's worthy of that designation. He's scored multiple times this year on defense at safety and on offense at receiver, and he's confident that he and the Tarblooders are destined for really good things both this season and in the future.

At 6-4 and 200 pounds, Cordale Scott is proving to be a big surprise for Glenville High School this season.

It's not that Scott wasn't expected to contribute to the Tarblooders success this year, because he was. It's just the manner in which the talented junior is doing it in and, quite frankly, the positions that he's doing it from.

As a member of the junior varsity team at Glenville last year, Scott played quarterback and defensive end. This season he's scoring touchdowns for the Tarblooders as a wide receiver and safety.

"I feel like my season is going real good. Everything is going my way right now," Scott said. "I'm doing good in practice, I'm practicing real hard, and things are going good for me in the games. I feel like I'm playing really good right now."

Scott admitted that he was expecting to have a successful season this year regardless of the positions he would be playing. However, in preparing for the season, Scott was working out with the wide receivers on offense and the defensive ends on that side of the ball.

"I was really expecting to have good success this year because I feel like I'm just a football player and I can play anywhere," he said. " Moving me to safety was good move for us. Moving Kyle (Jefferson) and me to safety is helping our defense so I feel like that was a good move for us. I thought I would be playing defensive end this year but we have good players like Eric Thomas and Lebron Daniel there so they really don't need me to play there now."

After the opening-game loss to Mentor, Scott was moved to safety to help shore up their passing defense. It was a move that actually occurred from a suggestion made to the staff by Ted Ginn Jr. who attended the game against Mentor in week one.

"Playing safety is all new to me. It's just something they were experimenting with that has worked out," Scott said. "I really like safety now. I feel like I can make a lot of plays and, in big games, I can be a play maker when the ball is in the air."

The certainly was the case in the Warren G. Harding contest in week two of the season. Playing in his very first game at safety, Scott picked off a Raider pass and returned it for a score.

"I took an interception to the house in my first game playing the position," Scott said. "All week (watching film) we saw they were having a lot of success on the slant route and the wheel route and when I read that the receiver was running a slant route and I jumped it and I made a play."

Spoken just like a seasoned veteran at the position.

"It boosted my confidence up because that was my very first time playing safety and I felt like I could play it because I made a big play right off the bat," Scott said. "It was my first varsity touchdown too so I felt really good."

In week four against John Marshall, Scott, once again, picked off an enemy aerial and returned it for a touchdown.

"I feel real comfortable playing safety now," he said. "I feel we have good coaching and if I keep watching film then the mental part of playing the position will continue to come to me. It was kind of hard from a mental standpoint in my first game at safety against Harding but after the ball is snapped you just have to learn to play football and rely on your instincts."

It's been a much smoother transition for Scott on the offensive side of the ball this year.

"I've been playing quarterback my whole life so playing receiver is really new," Scott said. "But, like I said, having a good coach like Coach (Tony) Overton (who tutored guys like Ginn Jr., Ray Small and Daven Jones at Glenville) he teaches you a lot. I worked real hard in the off-season with Coach Overton so I feel real, real comfortable at receiver right now."

Scott, the only junior team captain, has actually settled in very nicely at both positions at this point in the season.

"I feel comfortable on both sides of the ball really," Scott said. "I don't feel one-sided. I feel comfortable on defense and on offense. I like playing receiver but I just like being on the field honestly."

Although he won't turn 17 until March, his future couldn't be brighter.

"It's exciting playing in big games and making big plays for your team and being able to talk to the papers and stuff like that," Scott said. "I'm starting to feel (the attention) but it's not really a big factor right now. I just roll with the punches."

Like many of the really good players before him at Glenville, Scott has expected things to be this way.

"I knew since I first stepped in Glenville that this is big," Scott said. "When you play for Glenville it's always serious. It's not fun and games. You already know what to expect so this is nothing new. I grew up watching Ray Small and all of the others and seeing what they went through, and I feel like I'm just like them and I have to go through the same things that they went through. It's nothing new really."

And Scott is obviously the next one in line.

"Coach (Ted) Ginn has always told me since I was in the ninth grade that I was going to be one of his guys and if you just listen to him, it's true," Scott said. "And it's coming along right now."

And he's honored to be in the position that he's in now.

"It's real exciting to know that you are labeled as one of the top guys in Ohio," Scott said. "It's a real honor to be recognized like that."

And with that recognition ultimately comes the attention of college recruiters from, potentially, around the country. Although he's been on the Ted Ginn Foundation Bus Tour, Scott's only exposure to college campuses on game day has been limited to two games at Ohio State thus far.

"I've been on the tour but the only games I've been to have been at Ohio State. It's a real nice experience when you go on the walk and go through the gym. I really liked it," said Scott who attended both the Cincinnati and Penn State games. "It was a really good experience, an eye-opener, seeing the Ohio State fans loving the Glenville kids and supporting the team. I really liked it."

And being a Glenville kid, Buckeye fans will naturally expect to have first dibs with Scott.

"I'm a big Buckeye fan," Scott said. "It would be real exciting to be one of the guys that Ohio State is interested in. It would be real exciting. But I'm just playing football right now and if it comes, I'll just have to deal with it when it comes along."

In the mean time Scott is trying to focus on the remainder of their season. Heading into week seven, Glenville is 5-1 and they're ranked fifth in computer points in Division I, Region I.

"I feel we're doing fine and we just have to stay focused right now," Scott said. "It's not really a good challenge for us in the Senate right now but we just have to know that we're not playing for the Senate...we're playing for the playoffs. We have to get ready for the playoffs. We're a young team but we can do more than what people expect us to do."

Scott is certainly ready to do is part.

"I'm ready," he said. "Bring it on."

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