Photo Gallery : Joseph Barksdale Of Cass Tech

With crunch time looming ever so closer now, Joseph Barksdale of Cass Tech still intends to officially visit Ohio State, LSU and USC before he announces his final decision during the broadcast of the All-American Bowl on Jan. 6, 2007. Barksdale still plans to enroll early so his decision-making process is on the fast track. Here's some photos of Barksdale in Tech's 6-0 victory over Central.

Photo Gallery : Cass Tech Vs. Central

Joseph Barksdale

Cass Tech Captains

Barksdale plays tackle on offense as well.

Barksdale comes off the end for Tech on occasion as well.

Cass Tech head coach Thomas Wilcher

The Technicians improve to 4-3 with the victory.

Gary Housteau still has an update on Barksdale in the works.

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