Nicklaus Reacts To Dotting The I

Golf legend, Columbus native and former Ohio State student Jack Nicklaus became just the fifth non-band member to "dot the i" in Script Ohio on Saturday at halftime of the Minnesota game. We caught up with the Golden Bear following the halftime festivities for more.

Golf legend and Columbus native Jack Nicklaus became just the fifth non-band member to dot the "i" in Script Ohio during halftime of Ohio State's game against Minnesota on Saturday.

The others were: Ohio State President Novice G. Fawcett, actor/comedian Bob Hope, Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes and OSU ticket director Bob Ries.

"It was pretty neat," Nicklaus said moments after the halftime festivities. "I forgot my glasses, so I couldn't tell if there was anybody out there or not."

Nicklaus was sporting a red jacket and a "block O" hat.

"I had to have my Woody hat. Absolutely," Nicklaus said. "I was a great fan of Woody's. And I was here at the Horseshoe when Woody did his. It was really neat."

Nicklaus doesn't usually make a big deal about it, but he returns to Columbus several times throughout the year.

"Oh, I come back a lot," he said. "I come to quite a few football games. This is only the second one so far this year, but I'm coming back for Michigan. And hopefully Arizona."

Nicklaus has plenty of memorable photographs in his house, but he will find a special place for the picture of him dotting the i.

"I think we'll find a pretty good place for it," Nicklaus said.

Nicklaus was asked if he received any advice from old friends before dotting the i.

"An old fraternity brother of mine sent me a baton that must be 40 years old and he wanted me to practice so I didn't embarrass anyone," he said. "Somebody asked me to bring a putter out there and I said that might be a little corny."

Nicklaus thought about strutting out to dot the i, just like a sousaphone player would, but decided to simply walk out there.

And when he arrived on the field and was greeted by 105,443 fans, he became a little bit emotional.

"Yeah, I'm always an emotional guy and this is an emotional day," Nicklaus said. "Ohio State means so much to my life and I'm always interested in what's going on here. It means so much to me, the fans, everything."

And the Golden Bear means a lot to OSU as well.

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