Campwatch - Special Teams scrimmage

Mike Nugent took a journey through the center of the goal posts today. You could say that Mike's day was a perfect 10 as he hit ten-for-ten on his field goal attempts. Dave Biddle talks about that and more on today's special teams scrimmage.

The Buckeyes had their special teams scrimmage today in Ohio Stadium and sophomore placekicker Mike Nugent stole the show. "Nuge" was a perfect 10-of-10 for field goals, including a 56-yarder and a 49-yarder that won the game for the Scarlet, 18-17.

Both teams had a mixture of starters, reserves and freshmen. The placekickers (Nugent and Jeremy Uhlenhake) wore black jerseys and kicked for both sides, while punter Andy Groom "boomed" for the Scarlet and BJ Sander punted for the Gray.

Every play in the scrimmage included a kick of some sort and all action was live. Here's an example of how it went: The Scarlet would kick off and the Gray would run the ball back. They would either score a touchdown, return it into field goal range, or punt it right back to the Scarlet. To begin the scrimmage, both teams just punted back and forth for a while with neither team able to break one. But Sander eventually shanked a 19-yard punt, giving the ball to the Scarlet at the Gray 39 yard-line. Nugent then promptly nailed his 56-yarder, a kick that had about two yards to spare. That gave the Scarlet a 3-0 lead.

Here are the rest of the day's highlights: Nugent's kicks covered distances of 30, 32, 33, 36, 39, 44, 45, 49, 52 and 56 yards… Uhlenhake was 1-of-4 (made: 30; missed: 39, 44, 45)… Mike Doss, who looked good in his only kickoff return of the day (31-yard return), blocked a Groom punt through the back of the endzone for a safety… Chris Gamble was looking GREAT on punt returns, showing the speed and elusiveness that could make him a game-breaker. Doss also looked good, but you could tell the coaches wanted to limit his reps today… As for the kickoff returners, the Buckeyes have three guys in the mix right now: Doss, Maurice Hall and Bam Childress. I like all of those guys in that role… I should also mention that redshirt freshman DB LeAndre Boone returned several punts today and showed some nice moves and decent speed… Nugent's kickoffs were pretty good for the most part. He boomed a couple down to the one yard-line, but did have one go out of bounds on him. It's too bad that Josh Huston is banged up right now (he did not scrimmage today) because he is the best kickoff artist the Buckeyes have had for a long time. But it's nice to know that Nugent can handle kickoffs if necessary… As for the long-snappers, No. 60 Kyle Andrews stood out to me today. Rob Reynolds, Brandon Schnittker and Jeremy Miller also long-snapped, but Andrews looked like the best of the bunch… The losing Gray squad had to walk from the Horseshoe to the WHAC afterwards, while the Scarlet boarded air conditioned buses… The end of the scrimmage was very interesting. Nugent hit a 45-yarder to give the Gray a late 17-15 lead, but came right back on the next play to nail the game-winner as the entire Scarlet squad mobbed him. You could say that Nuge went from hero, to… well, hero… By the end of the scrimmage, the coaches scrapped kickoffs and punts and just lined up for field goals... They also worked on a lot of fake punts and field goals today.

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