Dave Biddle checks in with another Campwatch, this time with quotes from Coach Tressel and Troy Smith.

Buckeye fans debated the topic all offseason: Who would emerge as the Buckeyes starting quarterback? While everyone had their opinions, the majority seemed to think that Craig Krenzel would be the man. That is looking like a pretty good prediction right now. Krenzel hasn't dazzled anyone these first two weeks, but he has done enough that head coach Jim Tressel had this to say.

"Unless he gets banged up between now and then, Craig will be the starter against Texas Tech. I think he's had a solid camp. Now that doesn't mean that Scott (McMullen) won't play, because I'd like to get Scott and Craig into that ballgame, but Craig is our starter."

Now let's just hope Krenzel finishes camp strong and goes into the opener with a lot of confidence.

Three of the four freshman linebackers have made a big splash (and Stan White Jr. is also going to be a player down the road, either as a TE or LB), but exactly what type of roles will they have? Will they just play on special teams, or can we expect more?

"No question about it. Mike D'Andrea, Bobby Carpenter and AJ Hawk are going to play a lot on special teams this year," Tressel said. "And I think you'll also see them in the two-deep in the linebacker corps. Now, it's a little different linebacker world as you get ready to play Texas Tech, you're doing so much nickel and so forth, but those guys are going to step in and are going to be contributors this fall."

Tressel also talked about the "Red Raider"drill and how it's helping the Buckeye D get ready for Kliff Kingsbury and Texas Tech. 

"We've taken a little extra time preparing for them. We did a 10-minute period every practice with the unusual splits and the different pass style that they have, just so we didn't have to cram it into one week. It's just a little unusual. If we were getting ready for Wisconsin in the opener, we'd just go smash into each other for two hours every morning and afternoon and think we were looking into the mirror. But this situation is a little different and we've tried to address that."

Tressel then addressed the offensive line and how important the unit is to the Buckeyes' success. Alex Stepanovich continues to get high marks, but it's Ivan Douglas who the coach really raved about.

"The offensive line will probably be the barometer as to just how good we'll get. It's just so crucial. There are some new faces, but I think we're solid up there overall. Alex Stepanovich has shown that he is going to be an outstanding center. I think Bryce Bishop has been very solid this preseason. Shane Olivea is back in there now, I don't think he's at 100 percent of what he's going to be, but I think he's probably 85 percent or so, but he's a very talented young man. I think probably the biggest surprise of the whole group is Ivan Douglas. Ivan's been playing that left tackle spot. He's got big range, he's tall, he's got the long arms, which you love protecting the back-side of the quarterback. You know, he's a guy who's been here a long time and has been waiting on himself to get healthy and get the opportunities. Ivan's been a real pleasant surprise. The other guy you have to cheer for is Mike Stafford. Here's a former walk-on and it took him five years to even be considered. He's in there because he knows more than the rest of them. He's in there with the starters right now and I'm sure even as the year progresses, he'll be in that top eight."

We also got a couple of tidbits from frosh QB Troy Smith.

"The mold is starting to come together for me," Smith said. "I'm feeling more and more comfortable and I think I'm adjusting well. This has been a pretty good camp for me." 

Does the cannon-armed Smith like the underdog role? Many consider him the "other" rookie QB.

"A little bit. I want to be able to take people by storm, but then again, people know about me too."

What does Smith learn from Krenzel and McMullen?

"I pick up things from Craig everyday cause he's my roommate. Scott also helps me tremendously, just the other day he was helping me recognizing audibles on the field. They also help with off the field stuff. Craig always stresses to make good decisions off the field. That means a lot as far as you coming to college, because you're on your own now. You can have fun, but then again you have to know how to handle yourself because you carry not only your name, but Ohio State football."

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