Photo Gallery : St. Ignatius Vs. Glenville

Just when it looked as if Glenville had finally put St. Ignatius away for good, they fumbled the ball away attempting a handoff with just 28 seconds remaining in the game. Fortunately the Tarblooders were able to create yet another turnover as the Wildcats were threatening to score to seal the 19-12 victory. With the win, Glenville earned a second-round rematch with Mentor on Saturday.

Photo Gallery : Glenville Tarblooders Vs. St. Ignatius Wildcats

With senior Matthew Merletti leading the way on the ground...

...and sophomore Andrew Holland under center behind a line anchored by left tackle Kevin Koncelik (76)...

..and a host of talented receivers at his disposal in the likes of junior Patrick Ryan (7), senior tight end Brian Hopkins (88) and sophomore Joseph Parris...

...the Wildcats were able to drive down the field on their opening possession to where they stalled out at the 29. On came junior Nicholas Yako to kick a 46-yard field goal to give St. Igantius a 3-0 lead with 7:41 remaining in the first quarter.

Cordale Scott, a stellar two-way performer for Glenville, returned the ensuing kickoff...

...where he ran into a host of St. Ignatius players covering the kick.

Glenville's basic set has Jermale Hines at quarterback flanked by Chaz Jones to his left and Curtis Hale to his right.

Hines runs rather well out of any set.

Senior Eric Thomas and junior Shawntel Rowell anchor the right side of the offensive line with Lebron Daniel at center.

Hines gets a stiff arm by Merletti when the Wildcats get the ball back on this play...

...but he still manages to take Merletti down.

Holland is a legitimate threat to run with or throw the football.

Bruce Davis ends up taking down Holland on this run.

Davis has been the anchor of the Glenville defense all season long at middle linebacker.

Parris is certain to be another very good receiver for St. Ignatius down the line.

St. Ignatius kicked a field in the second period but a roughing-the-kicker penalty gave the Wildcats a first down.

So St. Ignatius took the 3 points off the board and tried for more.

But Glenville's defense held again and Yako kicked a 26-yard field with 7:50 left in the second period to go up 6-0.

Then Hines struck quickly through the air on their next possession...


...hitting Kyle Jefferson down the left sideline for a 57-yard gain.

After a nice carry by junior William Lowe...

...Hines had a big carry to get Glenville inside the 10.

And following the left side of the line where sophomore Marcus Hall and junior Dewawn Whitner line up, Hines went in from 8 yards out to give Glenville a 7-6 lead with 4:11 remaining in the first half.

Glenville's defense pressured Holland throughout the game. Lebron Daniel runs him out of bounds on this play.

And Hines forces an errant throw on this play.

Glenville gets the ball back one more time before the half.

Hines connects with junior Shelton Lundy on this play.

And junior Torieal Gibson on this play.

As he leads Glenville down the field rather smoothly and quickly.

When he hits Scott in stride in the corner of the end zone from 26 yards out to give Glenville a 13-6 lead at halftime.

But Jefferson fumbled the opening kickoff to start the second half.

But St. Ignatius fumbled it back on a first-and-goal play at the two.

Hines continued to play well in the second half... Patrick Hennessey helps bring down Hines on this run.

After another Yako field goal from 26 yards, the Wildcats trailed 13-9 with 11:48 remaining in the game.

But when Scott went up and grabbed this pass from Hines in the end zone...


...and came down with it for a 13-yard touchdown...

...Glenville looked like they had a commanding 19-9 lead with just over 10 minutes left after missing a called two-point conversion off a fake conversion kick attempt.

Yako kicked a 32-yard field goal with 5:41 remaining in the game to make it 19-12.

But Glenville held on after a couple punts late in the quarter before Daniel came away with the game-winning interception.

A tough loss for Chuck Kyle and the St. Ignatius Wildcats...

...who probably had a better overall year than many forecasted for them to have.

Kyle and Glenvlle head coach Ted Ginn embrace at the center of the field after the game...

...and exchange good wishes.

Hines was the TV star after the game...

...but he certainly had help from these two guys...Jefferson and Scott.

Coach Ginn congratulated his team after the victory.

And now Hines gets a chance to help his team avenge their only loss to the Mentor Cardinals in week one of the season, in a doubleheader at Cleveland Browns Stadium in week two.

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