What Brokers Are Saying About 'The Game'

It should come as no surprise that Saturday's Ohio State-Michigan game is the hottest ticket in the history of Ohio Stadium. But exactly how much would you have to pay for a ticket this week? Have prices gone down in recent weeks? Would a fan have better luck going through a broker or using E-Bay? We address these questions and more.

Still looking for a ticket to the Ohio State-Michigan game?

The good news is that prices have dropped recently.

The bad news is that they are still sky-high.

Bucknuts.com checked in with a few ticket brokers this week and the people who do this for a living have never seen anything like it.

But what else would you expect from a once-in-a-lifetime match-up of the No. 1 Buckeyes and No. 2 Wolverines?

"The cheapest we could get someone in the stadium would be $550," said Greg Guy, owner of Blue Chip Tickets in Columbus. "I'd say the average ticket is going for $650 per seat. High-end seats are going for $1,000 or more. Between $1,000 and $1,500."

Matt Colahan, manager of Tickets Galore in Dublin, reported similar figures.

"They're going anywhere from $500 to $1,000 and we're selling more at the $500, $550 area than any other area," he said.

Said Ryan Forgacs of Main Event Tickets in Columbus: "They start at $550 a ticket. The best seat in the house in 20A or 22A, those rare, best five percent seats in the house are going for as much as $1,500 a ticket."

The OSU-UM game is by far the most expensive ticket that the city of Columbus has ever seen for a sporting event.

"Texas last year was about $300 to get in, so it's approximately double," Guy said. "It is the highest priced game in the history of the stadium."

Colahan also says there is no comparison between '02 Michigan, '05 Texas and this Saturday's Michigan game.

"For those games we sold for about $350 a seat, maybe $400, for the average starting price, and that's what we had estimated for this game early in the year," he said. "But I've been doing this for 15 years and this is the most expensive one I've seen, though it's not quite as bad if you watch the evening news and try to see what was going on on E-Bay. Some people who don't know E-Bay, or look on there, or hear something on the news, they figure they're going for $2,000 a piece and certainly that's not the case."

Colahan is right. After doing some research, Bucknuts learned the cheapest OSU-UM ticket that was sold on E-Bay recently was $494.99 for a single ticket in 11C, Row 9. A pair of seats on E-Bay in 29 C, Row 37 are currently going for $1,200 ($600 apiece).

The positive news for consumers looking to use ticket brokers and not E-Bay, is that the prices have dropped recently.

"The last three or four weeks they have come down about $300 per category," Guy said. "The $550 seats were $850 three or four weeks ago.

"They might go down a little bit more, but it's right at about where it's going to be. I think the prices will stay here. All the crazy hype and everything seemed to peak out between two and three weeks ago. Things were getting a little out of hand, but it's still very expensive obviously, but it's settled back down a little bit."

Forgacs has noticed a similar trend.

"The price definitely has come down," he said. "Two weeks ago our cheapest seat was about $750 and now, like I said, we're at about $550. It's just we're being flooded with sellers. Everybody is trying to cash in and it's just a lot of people selling tickets. All of them want more than they are worth, but there's a lot of them selling and that puts a lot of tickets out there on the market and when supply is high, that brings the price down.

"But it's definitely the biggest Ohio State game I've ever seen. Bigger than Texas, bigger than Notre Dame, bigger than any Michigan game. It's definitely a lot more expensive."

The OSU Perspective

From Ohio State's perspective, the game is sold out and the announced crowd should approach or exceed the stadium record of 105,565 set for last year's showdown with Texas.

In years past, OSU has had a small number of tickets available for sale on the morning of the Michigan game. These are unclaimed student tickets, tickets returned by Michigan or other available tickets.

But ticket director Bill Jones said he does not expect to conduct such a sale this year.

"At this point in time, I do not envision a public sale of tickets of any kind," Jones said. "That could change, quite possibly. But I highly doubt Michigan will return any tickets and all others have been sold at this point in time."

Jones said his office has continued to field calls from fans hoping there will be some stray tickets available – and, better yet, that they can get them for the face value of approximately $60.

"We have had a few people call," he said.

OSU is warning fans to be wary of counterfeit tickets sold by third parties. With a game of this magnitude, some people may try and prey on unsuspecting fans who are looking for a good deal on tickets.

Also, student tickets may be re-sold. But those tickets must be upgraded to full price if they are sold to a non-student, otherwise the buyer will be denied access to the game. That can only be done through the OSU ticket office. Students should contact the ticket office for those details.

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