Photo Gallery: Thee Game - Pregame

There was a mass of humanity around Ohio Stadium and in the tailgate lots from the early morning hours leading right up to the game. Here's how just a bit of the day looked leading up the Big Ten Championship contest in pictures.

Photo Gallery: Ohio State Vs. Michigan Pregame

At this particular players parent's tailgate party, Mike and Sue Datish, Bart and Teri Denlinger and Ken and Heidi Williams (Kurt Coleman) were excited about the big game as they also celebrated Mrs. Datish's birthday.

Greg DeAngelo and his son Dom take in their first Ohio State-Michigan game together.

ESPN's Gameday was in its usual location against St. John Arena with a view of Ohio Stadium in the television background.

Chris Fowler...

...along with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit entertained the massive throng of spectators around the set.

But much to the dismay of the many Ohio State fans on hand, Corso picked Michigan to win the game.



...everywhere there were signs!

And happy Buckeye fans around as well.

Krystal McCoy and Tiffany Ginn, Ted Ginn Jr.'s girlfriend and sister, respectively, were excited about the big game.

These three juniors from Mooney; Danny McCarthy, Brandon Beachum and Michael Zordich were invited to the game. McCarthy already has a scholarship offer from Ohio State.

Members of the Ross Homan clan were all ready to watch Ross and the players walk by from The Blackwell to the Skull Session.

TBDBITL makes its way into St. John Arena to the roar of the crowd inside.

And then the team, led by Jim Tressel, arrived.

With Tressel to his side, Troy Smith waited for the players to file in behind him and the crowd to get silent before he said a few words.

And then he spoke and the fans cheered again.

And then Tressel spoke briefly.

And when he was done, the team made their way out of the arena to a thunderous applause and on to Ohio Stadium.

Unlike any other week, the entire path to St. John and then to Ohio Stadium was densely lined on both sides with Buckeye fans rooting their team on as they walked by.

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