Crater Enjoys OSU Visit

Flint (Mi.) prospect Anthony Crater was very impressed by what he saw during a weekend visit to Ohio State. How impressed? Find out more in this update.

Ohio State put its best foot forward this past weekend for 6-1 point guard Anthony Crater. It was almost enough to lock up the talented guard from Flint, Mich.

Not yet, however.

The No. 3-ranked point guard nationally by arrived in Columbus on Friday for Ohio State's basketball game against Eastern Kentucky, stayed for Saturday's Ohio State-Michigan clash on the gridiron and finally left for home Sunday afternoon.

"It was a great time, we were really impressed," said Crater's coach and mentor, Carlos Fordham, who accompanied Crater on the visit with he and his mother. "It was a great time, man, what can I tell you. We had a great time."

Crater is considering Ohio State, Arizona, Kansas, Florida, Duke, Pittsburgh and Michigan, according to Crater. The plan of checking out some more games early in the season will continue for Crater, despite his visit to Ohio State.

This past weekend, Crater did not commit to the Buckeyes. However, despite the plan to continue on with his recruitment, Fordham admits the idea probably crossed Crater's mind.

"That kind of environment, you're enjoying it so much it would be easy to go ahead and commit," Fordham explained. "I think he just wants to kind of wait, play it by ear and sit down and discuss things with his mom."

On Friday, Fordham said Crater spent some time talking with Ohio State 2008 commitment William Buford. On Saturday, they spent more time with other basketball recruits.

"We finally got a chance to meet Delvon (Roe)," Fordham said. "He got a chance to meet Delvon, Buford, Kosta (Koufos). It's a great group of recruits coming in."

If and when Crater finally gets a chance to visit some other places such as Florida, Kansas, Pittsburgh and Michigan to see some basketball games, it goes without saying they are interested in style of play and how the teams utilize their guards.

For several months, Fordham has said Crater would like to play behind a good 2006 point guard and he wants to play in a system that plays tough defense but also can move up and down the floor. As coaches have been recruiting for several months to their individual strengths, the Crater clan is now getting a chance to see first hand what the coaches have been saying.

"We finally got to see Thad (Matta) coach," he said. "Thad has been backing up everything he's said to us.

"My thing has always been dual point guards – look who he (Matta) starts; He starts Mike Conley and Jamar Butler," Fordham added. "That was always an issue. Would he start Conley? He's basically backing up everything he told us – that he will recruit good players, he would not be afraid to start dual point guards and he's going to let them make plays."

Fordham reaffirmed they enjoyed their visit to Arizona. He's also anxiously awaiting possible trips to Florida, Kansas and Pittsburgh and is also interested in Illinois and Cincinnati. Now that Crater is taking interest in Michigan again, they also are looking forward to watching the Wolverines play early this season.

While Fordham didn't go far enough to say Ohio State is the favorite to land Crater, he did suggest it's going to take a good effort to top what the Buckeyes had in store for Crater this past weekend.

"Oh man, this one, this visit was off the charts," he surmised. "I've been to a couple of football games but nothing magnified like that. Those kids, they really love those fans and the fans really love those kids. It was a great atmosphere this weekend." Fordham said they would evaluate the process further.

"We really just want to concentrate on Anthony's academics and get ready for our season while they (Ohio State) continue their season," he added. "We'll just watch some games and play it by ear."

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