Delvon Roe: The Latest

Every program seems to want to get in the middle of the Delvon Roe sweepstakes, but there are only a few lucky teams in the mix. We caught up with the father of Roe, Delvon Blanton, to get the latest scoop on Roe's recruitment situation.

When you're such a highly sought-after player as is Delvon Roe, a lot of people tend to have differing opinions. But ultimately, there's only one opinion that matters.

The 6-8 Roe from Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward narrowed his list of college possibilities last month to five. Kansas, Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina and Ohio State, alphabetically, are the programs hoping to land the No. 5-rated player in the class of 2008 by

But that's where things get a bit interesting. Which school will ultimately land Roe?

There are plenty of people speculating who's in, who's out, who leads and who trails. Eventually, that will matter when it's time for a decision.

Although Roe is the only person that matters, for now his father says to all the rest of the speculation, "not so fast my friend."

Delvon Blanton, the father of Delvon Roe spoke with Sunday evening to discuss his son's recruitment. Roe took a visit with his father to Ohio State this past weekend – the second trip to Columbus this fall. He's also visited Michigan on multiple occasions, Michigan State and Midnight Madness, "Late Night with Roy" visit to Chapel Hill to check out North Carolina.

"He doesn't have a direction right now – he's wide open," Blanton said. "I know a lot has been said about he's leaning one way or another but he doesn't have a direction. There's no such thing as Michigan State this or Ohio State that… There's no such thing as Carolina over Michigan or Michigan over Michigan State – they're all dead even right now. We have visited all four of them."

In addition to those four, Roe hopes to visit Kansas in the spring.

In the meantime, Blanton said they are trying to watch the teams and get a feel for the programs. More importantly, they are trying to get a feel for the coaches.

"You have the Tom Izzos, Tommy Amakers, Roy Williams' and Thad Mattas, and they're all good coaches, but I want Delvon to get a feel for them as people and get to know them as a father-son relationship –someone that will care for him individually," Blanton explained. "The universities – all of them are great schools. He will get a good education wherever he goes. I want him to go somewhere that he has a coach figure, a father figure that will be like me on his butt reminding him he won't get nothing easy in life, he's got to earn it. That's what it is boiling down to.

"Four years or however long he's going to be there, he's got to have a relationship with the coaches – the people that will help him get to the next level. I want him to have a feel for the environment. Ohio State has got a great environment," he added. "He wants to go somewhere that has a coach like his high school coach (Eric Flannery). He wants someone he can trust."

Blanton talked about Roe's relationship with some of the coaches.

"He likes Coach Pete (Dan Peters), he loves Coach (Thad) Matta. He loves all the coaches down there at Ohio State," he said. "He loves Tommy Amaker. He likes Tom Izzo. He likes them all."

There was one, however, that Blanton singled out more than the rest.

"He loves Tommy Amaker," he explained. "He loves Tommy Amaker, I'm just going to tell you that right now. Tommy Amaker from day one has always been there to tell him what he thinks he can do for Delvon, what he needs to do to become a better player, what he can become, off the court what he can accomplish – that's what I want. I want a coach that can make him into a man so when he graduates college, he can be successful in case he doesn't make it (as a player).

"What are the chances, what are the chances if you don't make it?" added Blanton. "What are you doing to do if you don't make it as a player?"

Having visited Ohio State for the second time, Blanton stacked it up against their other visits.

"I think Ohio State has more excitement," he said. "They bring more excitement to the table. I think the campus atmosphere is the best of all of them…It was exciting. It was very, very electric. It's what it's all about when you go down to school and get your education. You want to go down there and you want to be in that type of environment. He liked it a lot. He likes Ohio State a whole lot."

Blanton added that his son, being 16 years old, was under a lot of pressure to make, "the right choice."

He noted that he's heard a lot of rumors about what Roe wants or doesn't want, and he was compelled to issue a disclaimer that his son was far from making a decision on college.

"The rumor out there is that he's scared to go to Ohio State because he's too afraid of all the great players – that's not true," said Blanton. "That's totally not true. That has nothing to do with it. He likes Ohio State. He feels comfortable at Ohio State. He knows a lot of the guys down there and he's comfortable around them because he likes them. But he says, ‘dad, I just want to get a feel for the coaches.'

"He is confused. He should be, he's only 16 years old," Blanton added. "All the schools are great. How could you not want to go to Carolina? How could you not want to go to Ohio State? They're all great schools. But the thing is, how are you going to play there? How do you fit in? That's the bottom line. That's the key."

Although Roe has a comfort level with some of the schools and some of the coaches, Blanton said there's far more work to be done.

"As far as the coaches, I haven't got a feel for all of them yet like I would like to but I'm going to give it to the end of the school year before he makes a decision," he said. "With the recruits coming to Ohio State – Delvon is another number. With all those great recruits, he's just another number. Carolina has a lot of great recruits. He's just another number there too. Where do you fit in? ‘Where do I fit in at down here?' That's what you have to find out. You have to feel your spot out wherever you go. Another big thing is family. How far are you going to be from home? Distance is a big thing because he's a close-knit kid. He's close to his family. That's all he knows is his family. That plays a big part in it too."

With several months left, presumably, in the process, Blanton said he doesn't expect his son to know where he will end up for a while. He added that the timetable could be spring or summer before he makes a decision.

In the meantime, Blanton says his son is all over the map.

"He's going to naturally be confused about who he likes because they're all great schools," he said. "It's just not that easy. It's a hard decision. This is a time in his life where he's got to make a good choice. If you're in the corporate world and you are up for a job and you have to make a choice, you want to make the right decision. He's not confused to the point where it's tearing him apart, but he really wants to make the right decision. I want him to go where he feels comfortable with the coaches."

When the decision is made, it appears it's going to be based on the coach.

"All of them are going to tell him what they want to tell him, they can say do this, do that, but you want to go somewhere that you can trust them. Coaches can tell you one thing but when you get there, it's a totally different story," he concluded. "If he chose Michigan over Michigan State or whatever, it's because he feels that bond with the coach…wherever he goes, he's going to have a great relationship with his coach. His coach will be a father-like figure."

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