Brewster Discusses Latest OSU Trip

In addition to the impressive lineup of senior prospects that took in the OSU-Michigan game, the Buckeyes hosted some outstanding juniors. One of them was Orlando (Fla.) Edgewater star Michael Brewster.

Orlando (Fla.) Edgewater junior blue-chip offensive lineman Michael Brewster has been to his share of Ohio State football games and was back in attendance for OSU-Michigan.

"I got here right before the walk," Brewster said. "I have been to three games this year. I have seen the walk before. There was nothing like this. The crowd was huge."

Brewster was particularly impressed with the game and even though he had seen OSU-Texas, he said this game stood out.

"I have never been around anything like this game," Brewster said. "It was awesome. I would love to go to the national championship game but that is right around the time of the junior combine so I don't see how I am going to pull that off."

It is well known that he has become friends with three other outstanding junior offensive linemen, Mike Adams of Dublin  (Oh.) Coffman, J.B. Shugarts of Texas and Kyle Long of Virginia. He spent the weekend with Adams but the other two did not make the game.

"It was great to get up here and see Mike again," Brewster said. "I stayed over with him on Saturday night.

"It would have been that much better with J.B. and Kyle. I am not sure with J.B. (Shugarts had a playoff game), but Kyle went to his brother's last home game."

Brewster has had a busy year but is likely done with traveling.

"I went to Florida for two games: Southern Miss and South Carolina," he said. "I was thinking about going to Florida0FSU but I  am worn out. I have been traveling every weekend."

Don't expect a decision anytime soon from Brewster.

"I am on the same schedule except I will not go public until the army all-star game after my senior year. I will likely make it known to the coaches long before," he said.  

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