Pentello Joins the Buckeye Nation

"BREAKING NEWS, EXCLUSIVE SCOOP"...Rocco Pentello has been a recruit that the Buckeye coaching staff has shown consistent interest in throughout the entire recruiting process, but due to the amount of scholarships available it was not looking good. Things changed on his official visit as Pentello was offered and accepted a scholarship to Ohio State.

Rocco Pentello, a 6-foot-0, 200-pound athlete from South High in Westerville, Ohio is a solid player that ran in to some tough luck on the football field recently. He broke his ankle in the midst of his senior season and was forced to miss the rest of the year.

"I've thought about graduating early if my ankle is fully healed," Pentello said. "I want to be at a peak level if I do that, I don't want to be hindered. It is an option though."

Despite the tough luck on the gridiron he showed enough to secure offers from Toledo, Cincinnati, Air Force, Marshall, Ball State and Akron. He has also been in steady contact with Ohio State, West Virginia and Michigan throughout the recruiting process. Pentello caught the attention of the Buckeye coaching staff after a strong summer camp session. "The best thing about the camp was being able to work out in front of the coaches," Pentello said of the Ohio state camp experience. "I felt my drill work was really good." The drill work was more than good after Pentello was offered a scholarship while on his official visit to Columbus.

"Friday when "When I got there on Friday coach (Jim) Tressel told me they were going to offer and I said then I want to commit. It hasn't even sunk in yet, I'm pretty excited.'

"Ross Homan was my host and I had a great time. Obviously, I have been there so much and have seen mostly everything. The new facilities are unreal. The new weightroom with all the T.V.'s and treadmills and the lounge. Basically, any equipment you could ever want is there. It's top-notch." Pentello did get a little face time with head coach Jim Tressel and he was given some general expectations.

He told me what is expected of me and what the program can do for me as far as the next level," pentello explained. "Academically, I have been pretty good, so it's just a matter of keeping that."

Pentello is a versatile prospect who is capable on both sides of the ball, so what side will he focus on for the Buckeye's?

"They (Ohio State) want me as a defensive back," Pentello said. "If they want me to play offense I could do that to, but I haven't really spoken to the offensive coaches. I just want to keep getting better with my workouts. I want to keep working on my strength and size."

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