Shugarts talks Buckeyes

Klein, Texas offensive tackle prospect J.B. Shugarts is one of the top linemen in the nation for the class of 2008. A little over three months into the recruiting process and he has collected 17 scholarship offers. Shugarts took some time recently to discuss Ohio State and his northern roots.

At, 6-foot-7 and 295 pounds, it is kind of hard to miss J.B. Shugarts of Klein, Texas and judging by the seventeen offers he has gathered since Sept. 1, it's fairly easy to assume that most college coaches have not missed him either. Shugarts has trouble remembering all 17 offers that he has neatly stowed away in a binder, but off the top of his head he could recall Ohio State, Michigan, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Florida, LSU, Miami, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Duke and Boston College.

"Me and my dad (Bret) we're talking about the top four teams that I am looking at are all in the top five of the BCS Ohio State, Florida, LSU and Michigan," Shugarts said. "That's pretty good."

Despite living in Texas, Shugarts has roots in the North and would not be opposed at all to returning to the region. J.B.'s father Bret Shugarts originally hails from Dubois, Pa., and played his college ball at D-II powerhouse Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

"We go up there all the time to visit my grandparents, so I have no problem with the cold weather," Shugarts explained. "I actually like the cold. I love the winter time it's my favorite season of the year."

One of the first teams to really take notice of the talented junior offensive tackle was Ohio State. Shugarts attended a camp session with the Buckeyes and he had a rather easy time recalling how that trip went.

"I went up to the senior adavanced camp in the summer for a day," Shugarts explained. "I loved the camp. We didn't really do much testing because it rained. We only did the vertical and the bench. I did some agilities and drill work. We started to do one-on-one's and after a few plays they told me they had seen enough and I didn't have to do anymore.'

"I wanted to meet the strength coach (Lichter) and ask him a few questions, which I did. He is crazy. I went to the Texas game and he was running around head-butting players, I liked that," Shugarts laughed. "I got the chance to take a tour of the campus. They were building new facilities, so they showed us the layout for those. Each locker has its own little plasma TV in it. I got to see the dorms where the players live. I liked the fact that the academic center is only about 30 yards from the dorms. I also liked how it has that college town feel, but you cross the bridge and you're in the city."

Shugarts has been linked to an outstanding group of his fellow linemen in the class of 2008 Mike Adams (Dublin, Ohio), Kyle Long (Charlottesville, Va.) and Mike Brewster (Orlando, Fla.). The "Fab Four" have been linked together and some feel they could all end up at the same school together.

"We talked about it, but we'll see what happens," Shugarts said. "I talk to (Mike) Brewster a lot. We met up at the Michigan camp. He was at Ohio State before me and he told me about it and how much he loved it there. It's a very good possibility that we go to the same place, because we like the same schools."

Brewster and Shugarts may be making a return trip to Columbus, Ohio soon. "I missed the Ohio State-Michigan game because of the playoffs," he said. "I may try and come up for a bowl practice. Me and Brewster will probably do the advanced camp again this summer."

Brewster and Shugarts may end up at the same school, but that doesn't mean the big Texan is in a rush to decide anything.. "I want to make 100-percent sure of what place I want to go. i have to make sure it's the right fit." will have plenty more on J.B. Shugarts coming in January as he will participate in the U.S. Army All-American Combine in San Antonio, Texas.



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