Football or Baseball for Long?

Junior lineman Kyle Long has been networking nationwide with some of his peers. He has stated previously that he has become good friends with three other top linemen from the 2008 class: Mike Adams, Mike Brewster, and J.B. Shugarts. The strange part is that Long is from Virginia, Adams is from Ohio, Brewster is from Florida, and Shugarts is from Texas.

Charlottesville,Va.junior offensive tackle/defensive end Kyle Long, 6-foot-8, 285-pound product of St. Anne's-Belfield is regarded as one of the top lineman in the country for next year and everyone is taking notice, even his peers. Long has developed friendships with several of the top junior linemen in the country, despite their locations all over the country.

"I started talking to guys like Mike Adams, Mike Brewster, and J.B. Shugarts online originally," Long said. "We talked through MySpace and Facebook online originally as we just saw each other as prospects going through similar things, comparing schools, stuff like that. After that we ended up all going up to Ohio State for the Penn State game and we hung out and had a blast. We are just all friends comparing notes, basically."

Long has racked up eleven written offers thus far and he is taking all of them seriously. "Right now I have written offers from Florida State, Florida, Clemson, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Ohio State, Kansas State, Louisville, Liberty, and Villanova," Long said. "I may take a few visits this winter in between getting myself ready for baseball. I want to give a look to all the schools that have offered me so far, because I appreciate that they have taken the time to watch me and offer me a scholarship."

Long currently names no favorites at this point in his recruitment. "It is really early in the process right now and I just want to take a look at all the schools that have offered me," Long said. "They are all even right now."

Long also is an all-state baseball player for St. Anne's-Belfield and many suggest that he may get a look in the Major League Baseball draft before it is all said and done. "We will cross that bridge if we come to it," Long said. "Right now, my football season is over so I will be working on getting in shape for baseball." Either way, Long says his decision on a sport will be made before entering a college. "I will either play baseball or football in college," Long said. "I don't think I would have time to prepare myself for both sports."

Long's football season ended earlier this month and for now it seems that we won't see him running through football drills until next fall. "I don't plan on going to any combines this coming year," Long said. One possible factor for that decision is that combine season is in the spring when Long would still be playing baseball.

Long is projected by many as an offensive tackle in college, but he did just start playing defensive end this year as well and that position is in his blood. Long is the son of NFL Hall of Fame defensive lineman Howie Long, and the brother of current University of Virginia defensive end Chris Long. "I just started playing defensive end this year as well," Long said. "I am just learning the position right now. I don't really care what position I play, I just want to be on the field."

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