Three Buckeye Insiders to Join

Bill Greene, nevadabuck, and Kyle Lamb Join Today, we are pleased to announce that some very capable individuals have signed contracts to remain with the Ohio State Site on, contributing their news and views.

We asked you to be patient while we sorted through our options for future content providers for the Site. We've been blown away by the number of journalists, posters, subscribers, and others who contacted us about helping out. We felt we had to have content flowing right away, and so we acted quickly to bring in Bob Lichtenfels, Greg Powers, and Dave Berk.

Bob stepped up and broke a recruiting scoop right out of the gate this weekend giving Buckeye fans further confidence that Scout will continue to provide the latest developments on Buckeye recruiting news.

Today, we are pleased to announce that three more very capable individuals have signed contracts to remain with the Ohio State Site on

We know that all of three of these people have proven their value to Buckeye fans, and will continue to provide value through written content, chat sessions, and their presence on the board. We are pleased to welcome them aboard and know their involvement ensures that you will continue to get the latest news and views on the Ohio State Buckeyes right here at

Kyle Lamb-for the past few years, Kyle Lamb has provided Buckeye fans with the latest recruiting news and player evaluations for one of the top basketball programs in the country. With the program continuing to be on the rise, it was critical that basketball coverage would be prioritized right alongside football coverage. Over the past few years, no one has done a better job of covering the happenings of the Ohio State Buckeyes basketball program than Kyle Lamb. Buckeye fans can look forward to Kyle's coverage as Ohio State continues to grow into a year-in, year-out contender for the National Championship.

nevadabuck-His reputation precedes him. Just the utterance of his username is enough to get Buckeye fans excited about what new insight nevadabuck will bring to the premium forum nearly every day. Over the last few years, nevadabuck has proven to be one of the best sources of Buckeye info on the internet. As a Site Admin on the Scout Ohio State Site, nevadabuck will help subscribers wade through all the inside information and rumors and help to separate fact from fiction. Scout is delighted that nevada will remain a major draw to subscribers on the Site.

Bill Greene-Bill Greene is another internet legend in Buckeyeland, providing some of the best information and evaluation available on top players throughout the state of Ohio. Bill's role will dramatically increase as he will become a regular contributor on the content side providing stories each month, premium chats, and working with the Scout recruiting team on ranking and evaluating the top talent in Ohio. Bill will also be a part of the Scout All-American Combine team in Ohio as he nominates top prospects for invitation, and evaluates their performance. Buckeye fans know that they can count on Bill Greene for honest and fair evaluation of Ohio athletes.

While we are excited about these additions to the team, we know it's not enough. Over the coming weeks, we'll be making some more announcements from time to time as we continue to fill positions at the Site. Until then, it's safe to say that Bob Lichtenfels, Dave Berk, Greg Powers, Dave Telep, nevadabuck, Kyle Lamb, and Bill Greene will have you covered.

In the coming weeks, we'll be adding various new features such as an "Eligibility Tracker" and new message board features. As always, stay tuned.

Again, we truly appreciate your patience, and your business. Team

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