Blankenship has a Surreal Experience

Evan Blankenship had the kind of weekend that would be a dream for most fans of the Buckeyes. He met the nation's top basketball player, saw a Buckeye crowned Heisman and was blown away by everything that Ohio State University had to show him.

Monaca (Pa.) Center offensive lineman Evan Blankenship was almsot at a loss for words as he described the events that transpired during his official visit to the Ohio State University over the weekend.

"It was an absolute blast," Blankenship said. "I can't even think of any words that could describe it. I was with a great bunch of guys and I say some pretty great things. My hosts were Connor Smith and Bryant Browning.'

"I met with a few academic counselors," Blankenship explained. "They took me to the Fisher College of Business. They have a study hall set-up for student athletes and I got to check that out and met with counselors there."

One of the luxuries about having a nationally ranked basketball team is an electric atmosphere for a Saturday afternoon game that was attended by the visitor's.

"We went to the game and talked with the coaches and they went over different things about the team and the program," Blankenship said. "Then they took us over to the Stadium and we had dinner in the press box and we watched the Heisman presentation with the coaches. That was crazy, I mean I have met troy Smith and there I am sitting there watching him win the biggest award in college football. It was just surreal."

While Blankenship had many highlights on his official visit to Ohio State, meeting Greg Oden may have topped them all.

"I met Thad Matta and Greg Oden," Blankenship said. "He (Oden) may be the the biggest guy I have ever seen in my life. He has to be 7,000 feet tall and he is not skinny at all he is pretty built. I was hoping that I would get to meet him on my trip. i mean he'll be in the NBA soon so that was very exciting. But, there were so many highlights on my trip like just meeting all the guys and checking out the new Woody Hayes Center, honestly there aren't many words that can describe the weekend that I had."

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