First Look: Johnny Adams

Buchtel junior defensive back Johnny Adams is one of the most electrifying players in Northeast Ohio. Adams, who has scored 11 touchdowns on punt and kickoff returns in his career, will attend practice at Ohio State this Saturday to watch the Buckeyes begin preparation for the national title game against Florida.

Akron (Ohio) Buchtel athlete Johnny Adams has already established himself as one of the most exciting players in Ohio. Adams, a junior defensive back, is a threat to score every time he touches the football in the kicking game. He has also gained the reputation as a shut-down cornerback.

Adams is currently garnering a lot of interest from college recruiters in the Mid-West. Akron, Michigan, Ohio State and Pittsburgh have all contacted Buchtel head coach Claude Brown about his star player.

Adams has attended games at Ohio State and Pittsburgh this year as their guest and he talked about both visits.

"I was at Pittsburgh to see their game with Virginia," said Adams. "I had a great time there and they won the game pretty easily. I got along with the coaches really well and it's not too far from home, which was nice."

"A couple weeks ago I attended the Ohio State-Michigan game," Adams continued. "I've never seen anything like that in my life. The atmosphere was electric. It was the type of game I want to play in some day. I got to walk to the stadium with the team and their fans were going crazy. Inside the basketball arena Troy Smith spoke to the crowd and that got everybody going."

Adams also revealed that he'll be taking a return trip to Columbus this Saturday to watch the Buckeyes practice. Buchtel head coach Claude Brown informed Adams of the invitation today and he was quite excited.

"Coach [Tim] Beckman called the school today and invited me," Adams explained. "He talked with me after the Michigan game and told me to keep working hard in the classroom. I'm really looking forward to watching practice. I plan on watching the defensive backs because that's my favorite position and the position I believe I'll play in college. They said I could go into their meeting after practice too. I'm real anxious to see how they run their program."

Adams also talked about what schools he is interested in at this time.

"My college list would be Florida State, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio State and Pittsburgh," Adams revealed. "There in no particular order. That could change as the next year goes by. I'll be going to camp at Ohio State and Akron for sure, and I might add a few more."

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