Gronkowski Stacks Up Visits

Rob Gronkowski is currently working with a list of four schools. Following an official visit to Ohio State, he spoke about his recruiting process which has yet to come to a conclusion. What does he think of the four schools and how was his trip to Columbus? We have the interview.

Rob Gronkowski returned home this week from an official visit to Ohio State. The 6-6 250-pound tight end caught up with about his visit.

Scout: You took an official visit this week to Ohio State. Talk about that.

Rob Gronkowski: "The visit was great. I had a great time."

Scout: What did you do on your visit?

RG: "I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with all the coaches and stuff. I did all the academic stuff and saw the campus. I saw all the facilities. I met every single coach, every academic advisor and learned more about the school."

Scout: Who was your host this weekend?

RG: "Rory Nicol."

Scout: What's next for you? Any more visits scheduled? Where do you go from here?

RG: "I really don't know yet."

Scout: Do you know when you're going to wind up making a decision on your college choice?

RG: "No, I don't."

Scout: What schools are you looking at?

RG: "Ohio State, Arizona, Clemson and Syracuse."

Scout: Break these four down for me - start with Ohio State. What's the first thing that comes to mind about these schools? Ohio State...

RG: "The football program is just unbelievable. Very good."

Scout: What about Arizona?

RG: "It's up-and-coming."

Scout: Clemson?

RG: "The new facilities are nice, the coaching staff they've got there and the football program is good."

Scout: And Syracuse?

RG: "They're up-and-coming and their assistant coaches are awesome."

Scout: When it comes time for you to sit down and sort things out, what are the things you will be looking for in a program?

RG: "Just like how comfortable I am with the coaching staff, the football program, how comfortable I am at the school and with how the coordinators are and how they plan to use me in the future."

Scout: You have visited all four schools correct?

RG: "Yes."

Scout: Is there anything that set any of the visits apart from the others or any that had experiences that differed from the others?

RG: "All schools were unbelievable. It's going to be the hardest choice ever because you just want to play for them all. I definitely would like to play for all of them."

Scout: All this time you've gone through this process that's lasted over a year, how hard will it be to single a school out from the rest?

RG: "Yeah it's going to be real hard to do."

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