Adams is a Frequent Visitor

Dublin Ohio's Mike Adams is one of the most sought after juniors in the state. He was a visitor at Ohio State's practice this past Saturday. Adams talked about his thoughts on the Buckeyes, and on his friendship with some of the top prospects in America. Adams has been a regular visitor to Ohio State in 2006.

Dublin Coffman's Mike Adams was one of the many junior prospects that attended Ohio State's practice this past Saturday. At 6-foot-6, 290 pounds, Adams is one of the top prospects in Ohio. He already holds a scholarship offer from the Buckeyes and is being recruited by most of the top schools in the country.

Adams has been a regular visitor to Ohio State this season and he talked about his latest trip to watch the Buckeyes.

"I'm here almost every Saturday," Adams explained. "It's only about 15 minutes from my house and I come to just about every home game.'

"Practice was pretty intense. It seems like the guys are trying to stay calm, but you could tell everyone was really into it. They weren't doing as much one on one stuff. I think they tried to taper that down a little."

Adams has grown close to the Buckeye coaching staff and he talked about his relationship with the staff.

"I've really gotten to know coach Bollman the best and we get along real well," said Adams. "I spent some time with Jim Tressel yesterday. He's a great coach and an easy person to talk to. I sat in on the offensive meeting yesterday and that was very interesting to see how they do things."

Much has been written about the close bond between Adams and three other top offensive linemen, Florida's Mike Brewster, Virginia's Kyle Long and J. B. Shugarts of Texas. All received scholarship offers from Ohio State on September 1st, and Adams confirmed the four of them are talking about attending the same college.

"It's true that we're really tight," he said. "I talked with Kyle two nights ago and Mike and I talk about every day. Mike, J. B. and I will all be together at the Army All-American combine. Kyle can't go because of baseball. We're looking forward to getting together. We've all gotten to be really good friends. Mike and Kyle were at the Penn State game and we were together the entire time. It was really a lot of fun being with them."

"The four of us have talked about all of us going to the same college," Adams continued. "I think it might happen, too. We've talked about all of us making our announcement together, but there's really no time frame planned for that yet."

Adams also talked about some of the other schools that are actively recruiting him.

"Michigan was in my school about two weeks ago," he explained. "They said they were offering me a scholarship. I haven't received anything in writing from them yet. Coach [Lloyd] Carr is supposed to come to my school in January. Notre Dame has requested film and said they were impressed. I'm also interested in Florida, LSU and Mississippi. I really don't have any visits planned at this time."

Mike Adams is one of the few juniors in the state that has a scholarship from Ohio State. The thought of landing Adams and his out of state friends would make any recruiting coordinator in the country smile. It will be interesting to see how this story plays out over the next year.

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