In Perspective: St Mary Prep's George Porritt

St Mary's Preparatory Head Coach George Porritt has been one of the most successful head coaches in Michigan over the past 18 seasons. In this edition of "In Perspective" had the chance to speak with Coach Porritt and his star player Dionte Allen on why the Eaglets have continued to be one of the top programs in the nation.

Orchard Lake Michigan- "Tradition of Excellence" is the motto that Saint Mary's Preparatory associates with their athletic programs. Since the institutions inception in 1885 the program has won 177 League Championships, 58 Catholic League Championships, 5 City Championships, 56 District Titles, 50 Regional Titles, and 13 State Championships in 11 varsity sports.

Head Coach George Porritt began coaching the Eaglets football team in 1989, and his teams have continued the "Tradition of Excellence" throughout his tenure. So far, the team has racked up an overall record of 161-38. His teams have won eight League Championships, five District Championships, seven Regional Championships, and three State Titles in his 18 years as the head football coach. In addition to having extended success on the grid iron the coach has also enjoyed coaching State Championship teams in basketball (2000) and lacrosse (1997, 1998)

In the school motto, it states that the school's mission is "to provide deserving young men the moral guidance, discipline, and education necessary to become Christian gentlemen, scholars, and men of service and leadership for the world." four-star prospect Dionte Allen believes that Coach Porritt envelopes those values into his system and that has gone a long way to helping the team be a success on the field of play.

"Coach Porritt has not only helped me to become a better player, but he has also helped me grow into a man," Allen said as he tried to explain what his time in the football program has meant to him. "I think that I am going to be a lot more prepared to be successful in college because of what I have learned at St. Mary's. That definitely has a lot to do with why the teams are always so good."

"The most important part is helping these guys become better people," Coach Porritt added. "That is what they are here for. They are here for school first and trying to be a well rounded person. Sometimes the rewards for the coach are years down the line when you see your young man come back and he has a good job and is married with a nice family. Sometimes those things are more rewarding than any other accomplishment on a football field."

"We are a smaller more disciplined school and we are a tight knit group among the administrators and that is a bonus of being here, and that has only helped us to be successful. I really credit our teachers and our administration. It starts with our Chancellor Tim Whalen and our Headmaster Jim Glowacki. They demand a lot out of all the students, but they are also right there for them."

The Eaglets have had many strong teams, but Coach Porritt believes that this year's group of seniors may be the most talented group that he has coached.

"I would say that this is probably the most talented class," Coach Porritt began. "I had one other class that was right there with it. I had a pretty good group of guys in 2000 that could probably rival these guys."

"There are guys out there getting attention like Justin Siller, Dionte Allen and Taurian Washington, but there are still some other guys like Alex Delisi and Blair Hollis who are great players."

It is always nice to get some perspective from a head coach on why his top players will be a success on the next level, and Coach Porritt gave some insight on Ohio State commit Taurian Washington.

"Taurian is going to be an explosive player," the coach said. "He is big and strong. He is going to do fine down there at Ohio State. I think his upside is very good because of his size. He is going to have the size to be able to compete at the Big Ten level and be a physical player."

This season the coach has a star player, Dionte Allen, who is coming down to the wire with a decision between Florida State and Ohio State. The coach believes that by this time the players have been handed all the tools to make a sound decision for themselves.

"A lot of the times I do not get involved with that unless they do ask for advice," the coach explained.

"If they do ask for advice I tell them that they have to pick the school that suits them for the academics, your social life, and of course football. Those are three important areas that you try to find the answer to before you go to a school, because you are going to be there for four or five years. It is their time in their lives where they have to make the decision for themselves. When you are an 18 year old man it is time to start making the hard decisions."

The Army All-American Bowl noticed the coach's accomplishments on and off the field and they invited the coach to this year's game as one of their 20 honorary guests.

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