Nevadabuck Chat Transcript

You want inside information then there is no better source than Nevadabuck. On Wednesday, Nevadabuck shared his insights into the Ohio State program with a chat for our premium subscribers. Here is a transcript of the chat with Nevadabuck.

Oakwood:: Nevada, what's your sense of who rounds out this class? Do we get 6-8 more and do we get Barks, Still and Davis?
Nevadabuck:: oakwood...I would say Davis, Wright, Martin are as close to locks as you could have. Gronkowski, Barksdale and Heyward would be in the next group


Reallytired:: Nevada, With a convincing win over Florida, would this be the best college football team ever in your opinion???

Nevadabuck:: reallytired...yes, if we win IMHO you would have to out this team at or near the top as the greatest Buckeye team of all time

Chuangtsu:: What running backs are we after now? Clay out, Green In? Who else?

Nevadabuck:: and Green and some other backs are getting some real looks.....there are several new names that will surface after the first of the year


PiscesBuck:: Clifford in or out

Nevadabuck:: Pisces...Clifford will be "in" if he makes the grades......rumors are out there about Cobrani Mixon transferring to Cincinnati--will be interesting to see if that plays out


Chuangtsu:: When do the NFL draft reports get back? Can Gonzo and Barton both be first rounders?

Nevadabuck:: chuangtsu....I do not believe that Gonzo and Barton will be given first round recommendations.....Ginn will and will be gone...Pittman is struggling with the decision, but I think he leaves in the end..take it the kids aren't even sure themselves yet

Oakwood:: What's your take on the Scott, Thomas, the LB from FL and Rocco? GOod gets?

Nevadabuck:: know that I'm excited about any player that gets and accepts an offer from tOSU..having said that I think we stole two in Rolle and Scott---with Rolle possibly being my favorite player in the class---the guy is just a stud


Chuangtsu:: Dionte Allen, still a possibility or wishful thinking?
Nevadabuck:: Dionte Allen is still a possiblity....Mom is a big influence here--and she would like to see him closer.....I would not rule the Bucks out


BobLichtenfels:: "While Nevada is answering your questions, I just wanted to give everyone quick reminder to check the front page after the chat to see how you can get a free copy of the National Championship Game on DVD"

DADDYBLUES:: Pittman IS gone, he has told Beanie as much.

Reallytired:: Nevada, what are your odds on Mo Wells staying if Pitt goes to the no fun league???
Nevadabuck:: I think the odds are 70-30 that Maurice Wells stays at tOSU if Pittman leaves......I think they are lower if he stays--but not that much lower
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DoctorSJ:: Well, Nevada - with some of the "sky is falling" crowd in full force on the Insider's board - I want to know your expert opinion. Even if Barksdale and Brent don't come to the "right" team - really - where will this recruiting class end up in the national rankings?
PiscesBuck:: Thoughts on Barksdale and Still. I was salivating at the thoughts of having them in a buckeye uniform. Seems s distant memory right now.



MillerTimeBuck:: Nevada, ran into Brent in the Blackwell lobby a few weeks back. We have to get this man. what are the latest odds?

Nevadabuck:: Brent is gone...we are out of it...shame, really because he is a real good player......nothing I've heard from anyone "close" to the program indicates that they are as concerned about DLine depth as we are---they see Denlinger, Larrimore, Worthington, Barrow, Rose and Wilson as all I think we are fine---when they start panicking,than I will start panicking...LOL

PCBuckeye:: As loaded as we are with DE and LB's, would the current staff entertain a 3-4 defense?

Nevadabuck: PC...yes there has been some tinkering with the 3-4 defense...gotta find some way to get all those linebackers on the field...LOL


Heater:: Nevada--Merry Christmas. Hope all is well...if you had to guess (and you have to!) how do you think the QB situation will shake out next spring and next fall?

Oakwood:: Thanks Nevada, really appreciate your insights!!
Oakwood:: Does Henton win QB spot next year?

Nevadabuck:: I like Henton...but I'm not sure if there is any replacement for experience, and Boeckman and Robbie both have years ahead of him in that category....spring will be fun---but Henton has looked great running the scout team----reminds me of a young Troy Smith the way he moves around back there


Ciennamarie:: Do you think Laurinaitis and Malcolm Jenkins will be around all four years? I smell another National Championship in two years.

Nevadabuck:: enjoy Malcolm Jenkins for one more year, as he will be gone on to NFL riches after next.....Animal Jr. could do the same--but somehow I have a feeling that he stays--
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PiscesBuck:: Would Torrence, Allen, Evege, Clifford, Scott and Wright be the best DB class ever at OSU? 

BobLichtenfels:: Don't forget Oliver Pisces

PiscesBuck:: Yeah , I accidently left Oliver off. Those early committs sometimes get overlooked in December. LOL.

Nevadabuck:: Pisces...yes Torrence, Evege, Clifford, Scott, Oliver, and Wright would be the best DB class ever at tOSU--add Allen to that and it just gets those guys that are in that 5'10-6-2 180-200 lb range....they are VERSATILE


Skeeelo:: early signing period ever going to take place in college football?

Nevadabuck:: skeelo....I think someday there will be an early signing period in is inevitable

Rsd180:: In light of our easy schedule the first eight games, what are our chances to head back to the NC game next year?

Nevadabuck:: rsd...we indeed have an easy schedule next year......If we can break the new quarterback in, I'm not sure why we couldn't make a run of it...AA next year will be TOUGH with all they have coming back----but we've done pretty well against those guys wouldn't you say?? LOL



Ditches41:: Nevada with Ben Martin as a near "lock", what do you think is the possibility of moving rob rose inside, and what are your thoughts if that did happen?

Nevadabuck:: I think Robert Rose could be Reggie White-esque on the inside....I just don't know how a guy THAT big stays outside...we will see

Osudog:: Nevada, the word is that Larimore is a stud. Would you agree with that assessment.

Nevadabuck:: Larrimore has consistently been one of the stars of the scout team...he is Tim Anderson reincarnated....


Expresblfc:: have you made arrangements with diddy yet to chauffeur? I'd really love to see know who he is....

Nevadabuck:: expres....if you REALLY knew who diddy was you would crack up....


PiscesBuck:: Speaking of Larrimore, what is his weight right now. I recall he was wrestler in high school and had a hard time putting weight on for football season. I think he came in at about 260 LBS.

Nevadabuck:: Larrimore weighed in at 280 last time I saw...he is a SOLID kid....


JulianBuck: Nevada, it seems as if Ohio State hasn't recruited the San Diego area very hard recently. This coming class had at least two kids who I felt were OSU :good" in Doxey and Simas. Any thoughts on why no Ohio State presence?

Nevadabuck:: Julian......OSU has had mixed success with California in general, and San Diego in particular.....I think they will continue to dip into the pool when they can. But the weather is such a factor for kids from the West Coast--and they miss their support not sure how much more emphasis they will put on it....

JulianBuck:: Thanks Nevada.


DoctorSJ:: NB, even with Brent and maybe Barksdale out of the picture - where do you rank this year's recruiting class nationally with who we have and who you think will finish it out?

Nevadabuck:: as for rankings of this class...I think we will be in the low teens---because it will be a small class by not sure it will be highly ranked on a points basis.....but there is some real quality here... as usual.

Ciennamarie:: Nevada - You are the man. I wasn't sure which subscription to go with, with the recent separation of web sites until I found out which one you were staying with. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas. At the end of the recruiting season where do we end up ranked? Top 5? Top 10?

Tcbucks:: Any truth to the rumor that JT would talk to the Browns about that job?

Nevadabuck:: tcbucks...JT is not going anywhere and has absolutely NO interest in coaching the Browns or anywhere else for that matter....


Chuangtsu:: What is your best guess for the total number of scholarships this year? Do we "bank" some for next year?

Nevadabuck:: I think we end up the year signing between 16-18 and yes, we will bank some for next year...


BuckeyePete:: Will we get 2 DTs in this class from Barksdale, Heyward, Still or Brent?

Nevadabuck:: we have a real shot at Heyward. Really, really good player and a very "deep" kid who has a strong Christian upbringing.....all which bodes well for JT...he was here for the Michigan game and was blown away--as we all were...we have a shot....


MillerTimeBuck:: The standard question Nevada...Your final list for this class?

Nevadabuck:: Miller final list would be Martin, Wright, Davis, Gronkowski, Heyward, Barksdale and a running back to be named later.....If Barksdale or Heyward fell off it would be a DT to be named later....

MillerTimeBuck:: Thanks



Ssevert:: when do u think we will get our next commit and who will it be?

Nevadabuck:: ssevert...I think our next commit will be either Major Wright or Ben Martin


PCBuckeye:: speaking of the easy schedule, how is it possible that we have Akron, Kent St., Youngstown, Northwestern, Illinois, Michigan State, and Wisconsin as our home games? Probably the worst Home Schedule in 20 years. Wont that hurt recruiting with so much talent in state and no big home games to host them at?

Nevadabuck:: the schedule will not hurt us....we've gotten plenty of exposure the last few years....and even bad OSU games will be on the air somewhere...with that epic showdown against Michigan at the end


Leroydx15:: No Hines?

Nevadabuck:: I think Hines has work to do in the classroom--he could very well be a late addition to the class---but I don't think he signs on signing day and contrary to what is being publicly said, Jeremiah is not completely out of the question--If he gets a test score


PABuck:: Has the staff talked to Clifford and is there any truth to the UC rumor?

Nevadabuck:: staff is on top of the Clifford situation---in EVERY way possible

BobLichtenfels:: PABuck..its tough now because of the quiet period


Chuangtsu:: How do you see us handling so many young and talented safeties: Russell, O'Neal, Swartz, Gant, Clifford, Oliver, Wright? How does it shake out?
Nevadabuck:: chu...tough to project who is ready....who would have picked out Gant last year??


Ssevert:: Bob, do u have any nuggets for us?

BobLichtenfels:: I'll save my nuggets up for another chat..I like just sitting back and watching Nevada do his thing...Me and Greg will probably do a national type chat next week or right after Christmas



Partypaul:: Who has the 2007 edge for starting QB?

Nevadabuck:: PC...yes there has been some tinkering with the 3-4 defense...gotta find some way to get all those linebackers on the field...LOL


TexBUCKEYE:: First thoughts on Ohio Class of 2008. Anything like 2002?

BobLichtenfels:: There's some talent in the junior class, but it doesn't look overly deep IMO
BobLichtenfels:: After the spring combines we'll have a better idea of what the 08 Ohio class truly is
Nevadabuck:: lots of offensive linemen and linebackers in 2008...more so than in recent memory...


BobLichtenfels:: By the way folks Mike Adams has registered for the US Army All-American Combine so you can expect to see a bunch of goodies from me and Greg in San Antonio

Chuangtsu:: Have we offered any 2008 QBs?
BobLichtenfels:: Pryor, but I doubt he'll be a QB
Nevadabuck:: we have not offered any 2008 quarterbacks yet (other than Pryor) and probably won't until we see them at summer camp----that's a position that they like to watch up close and personal.....


Chuangtsu:: Anybody from this class ready for the field next year? Davis? Clifford?

Nevadabuck:: chu...tough to project who is ready....who would have picked out Gant last year?? LOL....Rolle is my guy---I think he will start on special teams, and then find a place on the field......

Skeeelo:: is browning or mitchum getting any work at center

Nevadabuck:: when I watched practice they had Cordle (who looked REALLY good) and Whaley at center......Browning and Mitchum were both at guard......but Bryant is cerebral enough to man the center position and make the calls



Chuangtsu:: We have heard that Small is tearing it up in practice, does that mean the ship has sailed on Dukes and Lyons?

Nevadabuck:: Dukes will see the field next year--he is figuring it out and has worked on his blocking.....Lyons is an enigma--loads of talent, but just never put it together--yet---but there is still time


Partypaul:: who of the 4 juniors who filed NFL paperwork do you actually see coming back in 07?

Nevadabuck:: I think Gonzo and Barton come back, and I think Ginn and Pittman leave


Nevadabuck:: the addition of Scott will have no impact on Allen---

Chuangtsu:: Does Rolle and our load of big safeties rule out Hines for OSU?

Oakwood:: how does the 09 class look, early on, that's where we have all the 26 scholarships?

BobLichtenfels:: There are some studs in the 09 class Oak



PABuck:: What would have to happen in the game for Florida to pull off the upset? And is there any chance the Bucks are overlooking how tough Florida will be?

Nevadabuck:: we will have to turn the ball over for Florida to win....I think the Gators will come out smoking--but once we figure out there gimmicky offense I think we will take over and dominate---they can't stop us offensively....

Leroydx15:: Does Zebrie Sanders get the offer, even if we get the four stud juniors who are already have the written offers? I say take all 5 if possible.

Nevadabuck:: I think Sanders could very well end up part of next years O-Line haul--he looked real good at camp---and he likes the Buckeyes...


Ciennamarie:: Any chance we will see this year's offense more next year or will Tressel go back to the conservative run oriented offense of the past with breaking in a new quarterback?

Nevadabuck:: cien...I think it will all depend on how quickly that JT can have confidence in his QB not to turn the ball over.......that is his number one bugaboo--he hates turnovers---the more confidence, the more diverse the offense


BuckeyeFanForLife00:: Out of all the people planning on committing at the AA game how many do you see committing to O-State?

Nevadabuck: BFFLife00--I think Davis, Martin and Wright announce for us at the AA game--if not before


TexBUCKEYE:: How big is Rob Rose? He appears at least 270.

Nevadabuck:: Tex...Rose could even be bigger than 270..he's just a massive young man


Partypaul:: how about the kid Stevens from Lexington, Ohio? offer?
BobLichtenfels:: Paul that will likely depend on if the fab 4 commit, if they lose any of those guys then maybe a kid like Stevens could garner an offer
Nevadabuck:: Stevens has a shot at an do about 5 other young men in Ohio--O-line in 2008 instate is looking tasty


Chuangtsu:: Are there any commits that are a little shaky right now? Anyone thinking about going somewhere else?
Nevadabuck:: chu...other than Clifford, I'm not hearing about any other recruits having second thoughts....


Chuangtsu:: Hines, in or out?
Nevadabuck:: I think Hines will be "in" but it will be late in the game


Chuangtsu: What is the word on Ronald Johnson... UM all the way?

Nevadabuck: ROJO has to end up at Michigan....JMHO...I don't see him anywhere else..



BuckeyeFanForLife00: Do you see Broderick Green as a part of this class or are they going after another RB?
Nevadabuck: Green is a the visit list on that one


chuangtsu: Are we in on any other CBs, or just Allen?
Nevadabuck: Gotta run..thanks for the questions.......SORRY for the unmoderated mess--we will get that figured out...I promise......

Chuangtsu: Thanks NEVADA

Nevadabuck: thanks all you guys for your patience

BuckeyePete: Thanks Nevada

BobLichtenfels: Thanks everyone for coming, we'll be doing these more often now as we get things ironed out


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