Quotes from Krenzel

Dave Biddle caught up with Craig Krenzel recently and got some quotes about the Texas Tech game. Check it out below.

After the spring game, we talked a lot about Craig Krenzel's above average running skills. I think the conversation went something like, "He won't win games for you on the ground, but at least he doesn't have Navarre legs."

Krenzel continued to show his sneaky-good ground game in Saturday's 45-21 drubbing of Texas Tech, running for 34 yards on four carries. Not stats that are going to make anyone confuse him with Randall Cunningham, but good nonetheless. And Krenzel seems to have an innate knack for feeling the pressure around him and stepping up. He also seems to have pretty good quickness. Avoiding sacks and picking up cheap first downs are going to be two big keys for the Buckeye O this season. We know the running backs and receivers are going to produce and anything extra out of Krenzel on the ground is a huge plus.

The Buckeye quarterback addressed a number of topics after the game, none of which had anything to do with molecular genetics.

How did you think you played?

"I think I played well," Krenzel said. "I think the most important part about quarterbacking is making good decisions and understanding my role; which is going to change from game to game. This week, we actually had a game plan coming into this game where we were going to try to spread it out and throw it a little more. But, we had some early success running the ball and it's kind of one of those things where if it isn't broke, don't fix it." 

Overall, what are your thoughts on the Buckeye offense?

"Our offensive line did a great job of just blowing their D-Line off the ball and opening up some holes. And as we showed today, we obviously have a tremendous amount of talent at tailback with the three different guys. I feel I played well, I made good decisions and the most important thing about quarterbacking is getting the W."

(Note: It has taken Jim Tressel a little over 19 months to fully brainwash Craig Krenzel.)

You ran the ball well against Tech. Is this something you think you can keep up? Not a ton of rushing yards, but a few key first downs each game?

"Definitely. When you are designated as more of a pocket passer, it definitely does not mean that you can't run and you are a bad athlete. I would prefer to drop the ball off, or throw it down the field, but when certain circumstances happen, there's going to be times when the best decision is to step up and get some yards. (Saturday) we were fortunate, we caught them in some defenses where there was more room to run than just eight or nine yards and we picked up some big plays."

Be honest, Tech's defense was softer than cotton, right?

"I don't think it was that Texas Tech's defense was soft, our guys just played physical. We've had a long camp and it was a long time coming. Our guys, going against our defensive line, which is one of the tops in the nation, day in and day out... those guys up front for us offensively did their job."

Jenkins seems to be a pretty good downfield blocker? How important is that?

"That's an overlooked aspect of being a wide receiver. They like catching the ball and they want to catch the ball and make plays, which they are going to do for us this year. There are going to be games where we rely on the passing game because the running game just isn't working out. That's the thing about being a balanced offense, our receivers did a great job of blocking down field and helping spring some of those long runs."

How excited are you about the way the Buckeye offense played?

"It's exciting, but at the same time it's what I expected. I knew we were ready to play, we had prepared well as a team and an offense and it wasn't a surprise at all for us to come out and play the way we did."

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