Green Still on the Market

Broderick Green is one of the most talked about players in the country. He is considering three schools that have some very passionate recruiting fans. Early on in the process, he gave a verbal commitment to USC, but he took a visit to Penn State last weekend and he has one scheduled with Ohio State this weekend. caught up with Pulaski Coach Kevin Kelley to get the latest.

Broderick Green, a 6-foot-1, 230-pound running back from Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Ark., has been a hot commodity this year. According to his high school Head Coach Kevin Kelley it has as much to do with his off of the field mentality as much as his on the field skills.

Green transferred to the school just before his junior season, and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

"Broderick Green is just an awesome kid, and that is one of the reasons I promoted him so much," Coach Kelley explained. "When he first transferred in we had no idea what we were getting, but he has been special on and off of the field."

"He is the type of guy that does not get caught up in any of the bad things off of the field. I have never even heard Brod use a profane word. All of the kids on the team love him, and he kind of stepped out there as a leader for us."

Coach Kelley believes that his running back is the total package, and that is why he has been one of the most heavily recruited players in the country down the stretch.

"His game really covers everything," the coach began. "He has a wide variety of skills, and he is honestly superior in all of them. He has enough speed to break the big runs, but he is also a power runner. He employs a nice spin move, and he has a tremendous stiff arm."

"He also catches the ball extremely well. We use him as a wide receiver in the summer during the seven-on-seven competitions. As a 220 or 230 pound back you can also see why he is a great blocker. I think that total package is what many of the programs are looking for now, and that is why he has been so highly recruited."

Green busted out on the scene when schools got a good look at his junior film, and in less than one week, he had made his mind up that he was going to commit to the Trojans of USC.

"Broderick really likes USC a lot," Coach Kelley said of the reasons why he gave such an early commitment. "He has been out for an official and unofficial visit, and he enjoyed himself both times, and they have been there with him since the beginning."

"Coach (Pete) Carroll is an unbelievable peoples person. He really clicks with these players. I can tell by talking to him at the school why he has so much success in recruiting. He truly is a players coach."

Even though Green has given a verbal commitment to sign with the Trojans he has left the door wide open for Ohio State and Penn State. He took an official visit to Penn State last weekend, and he has a trip scheduled to Ohio State this weekend.

"If Broderick were to think about going to one of these other schools, the big reason may be that Coach Carroll may not be there," the coach informed of his players thought process. "Any time there is an NFL job opening then his name is the first one mentioned. If I am Broderick, then that is something that has to effect me, I do not know how it can't"

"Ohio State and Penn State are also presenting him with some nice things. At either school, he would be the only big back that they are bringing in, and they have both had a lot of success throughout the history using a big back. At Ohio State you have guys like Eddie George and Antonio Pittman who have been really successful, and Penn State has had similar success in the past."

"Both of these schools are no nonsense type of schools, and that is really the way Broderick is as well. He has strong Christian values, and I think both programs bring that type of attitude to the table. He is a no ra-ra kind of guy, and there is no doubt that both Penn State and Ohio State bring are those types of programs. I think that is another reason why he is so high on them as well."

"There is a lot to think about," the coach continued. "I really encouraged Broderick to take a couple of visits. I feel that it is important to have enough information to make an educated decision. It is most important to make sure that he is going to get himself in the right situation. You always stress that this may be one of the biggest decisions of a young mans life up to this point, and really it is. You have to make sure you see all of your options."

Green was on the campus of Penn State last weekend for an official visit, and the Nittany Lions rolled out the red carpet for him. He got to see many of the sites and mingle with a host of current and former star players, but that was not the highlight of the visit.

"It was nice for him that guys like Larry Johnson and Tamba Hali were there to see him," Coach Kelley said. "It was not such a big deal for Broderick, because of his brother Greg Wesley. He goes to all of the Chiefs home games, so he is down in the locker room mingling with those guys a lot. He and Larry have actually been close for awhile now."

"I think the thing that he really enjoyed the most was getting the chance to talk with Joe Paterno. Coach Paterno gave it to him straight. He did not promise Broderick any playing time or that he would start at Penn State if he were to come there. He told him that he has the potential to be a great player, but he has to come in and work hard to accomplish those types of goals. I think Broderick can appreciate that."

As a senior, Green rushed for 2,042 yards and 23 touchdowns and added an additional 545 yards and four touchdowns in the passing game to earn All-State and All-Conference honors.

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