Hines Commits to Ohio State

Jermale Hines, the talented Cleveland Glenville linebacker, eliminated any speculation today when he committed to Ohio State. His mother, April Hines, shares her feelings on the commitment to Bill Greene.

Cleveland Glenville's star linebacker Jermale Hines became the fourteenth commitment for Ohio State when he told coach Tim Beckman he wanted to be a Buckeye. Beckman was visiting the Hines family in their home when the decision was reached. April Hines, Jermale's mother, talked about what turned out to be a family decision.


 "Jermale did commit to Ohio State tonight," Mrs. Hines explained. "Coach [Tim] Beckman was in our house tonight and made such an impression. We all got together as a family and decided that now was the best time to make our decision. Jim Tressel will be coming here next Monday and we thought maybe that would be a good time but everything just worked out fine tonight."


Mrs. Hines also talked about the influence Ted Ginn Sr. had on the decision.


 "This will be very surprising to some people but Mr.Ginn really didn't have much part in the decision," she explained. "We owe him so much and he's a wonderful man but he's had a lot of his own family to deal with. Teddy Jr. going to the NFL took up a lot of his time. Most people think he just pushed his players to Ohio State, but that isn't the case at all. We had a great time meeting the coaches from Iowa and Michigan as well as Ohio State. We're just blessed to be such a strong family and my husband and I sat down with Jermale and weighed all the options. In the end Jermale made the decision to attend Ohio State and our family was in total agreement."


There are two younger boys playing football at Glenville and April Hines admits she would love to make this a regular occurrence.


 "You just never know how things will turn out," she said. "If the other boys are fortunate to be considered by Ohio State that would be just fine with me. We trust Jim Tressel to take care of our boys and help them grow into men."

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