No White Lie: Simon Says Wear White

Ohio State and Michigan State play an important game Saturday night at 9 PM in Columbus. Buckeye head coach Thad Matta has requested a "White-out" for the game on ESPN, much to the chagrin of many Ohio State fans wishing to sport the school colors. Kyle Lamb's take: play Simon says and listen to Matta.

Let's play a game of Simon says. Ohio State fans, mostly students in a facebook campaign, tried to organize a "Red-out" for Saturday night's Ohio State - Michigan State basketball game.

Simon didn't say.

Simon, Ohio State head coach Thad Matta, did say, "let's wear White."

"But Simon," you reply defiantly,"we're Scarlet and Gray."

For a day, follow the leader. Listen to what Simon has to say.

White? Say it isn't so, Simon. It be so. Be color blind.

When the Spartans invade the Schottenstein Center Saturday night at 9 PM, Matta is looking to make a statement. Although smattering of Green and White will be visible from the visitors of East Lansing, a "White-out" would make a statement of intimidating proportions tomorrow night.

If Ohio State fans want to be considered elite, this is their opportunity. Does it matter what colors you wear? Set aside your egos and if your priority numero uno is to support The Ohio State University, then that is what you should do.

Simon has proclaimed that White looks better on television. The dull, bland shade of Red, Scarlet to be precise, blends in too much with the Value City Arena seating. White is sharp, lively and can make an impact on television. Throw in the waving white towels and if people make noise on ESPN, then perhaps Simon will get his wish with the White-out.

People want their cake and eat it too. They want to be an elite program and have a hostile environment for a huge nationally televised game, but yet, they want to openly defy the man that's most responsible for trying to build the kind of atmosphere people want to see.

The reality is that sans for a few big games every season, where the Ohio State patrons rise to the occasion and make the Value City Arena an unhospitable venue for opposing teams, it can sometimes be a wine and cheese sort of crowd. Want that more often? Don't defy Simon.

In the 2003-04 season, the last under the direction of former OSU coach Jim O'Brien, the Buckeyes still placed No. 7 nationally in attendance. Butts in the seats has not been the issue for Ohio State, it's simply been the crowd involvement.

By all accounts, those that have visited the Schottenstein Center for bigger games agree that the crowd noise far exceeds the level of audio that is portrayed through your television set. Looks can be deceiving as well. But if the sound isn't going to come across in the proper way, you may as well look the part.

Simon says Saturday night that part will be White.

As for what to wear Saturday morning for ESPN's College Gameday - Simon didn't really say.

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