Diebler About Championships

Jon Diebler is on the brink of Ohio high school basketball history. However, at the end of the day, he's more concerned with winning trophies and championships than obtaining records. He talks more about the race for the all-time record as well as his trip to Ohio State for the Michigan State basketball game.

Jon Diebler returned home Saturday night from the 66-64 Ohio State victory over Michigan State. Like most of nearly 19,000 people in attendance, Diebler sported a white sweatshirt in the spirit of Thad Matta's desired "white-out."

In going back home, Diebler jumped back into the realm of a high school season where his Upper Sandusky Rams are 12-2 on the young season. Diebler individually is averaging 40.4 points a game, 14.5 rebounds and over seven assists.

But championships, Diebler says, is what he's all about.

"I am going to Ohio State because I want to win a National Championship," he said Sunday afternoon. "I don't really care about individual statistics."

Considering what's at stake for the 6-5 forward, that's telling. The senior is signed to play for Ohio State next season and he's on pace to break Jay Burson's all-time Ohio career scoring record. With 47 points against Williard on Friday, Diebler passed LeBron James for No. 3 on the list.

Only Burson and Geno Ford remain between Diebler and the record. To be precise, only 287 points seperate he and that feat.

"People like to talk about it, but I don't think it's fair to my teammates," he said. "They're out there practicing and doing the same things as me. They want to win just like I want to win."

Dieber said he's grown tired of hearing about the record, although he realizes why it's such a common topic of discussion.

However, when it's all said and done, whether Diebler is No. 1 or No. 2 on Ohio's scoring list, he knows eventually it might sink in as to the historical perspective.

"It hasn't (sunk in yet) and it probably won't until after the season," he said. "But I know people think it's a big deal."

In the meantime, Upper Sandusky is looking to win a Division II State Championship for the second time in three seasons. Diebler won his first one as a sophomore, playing alongside his brother Jake, who is now a redshirt freshman at Valparaiso.

He's hoping to win another as a senior.

"I think they would be equally special," he said on which might be bigger if they were fortunate enough to win another. "The first one with my brother and father was very special, but winning one as a senior would be too. A state championship is a state championship - they're special no matter when you win one."

The Rams have a lot of experience but are still relatively young. Upper Sandusky's second-leading scorer is sophomore Alex Falk, who's averaging close to 20 points a game.

Many of the kids on their current roster were in junior high school or just a freshman when the Rams last won the title a couple of seasons ago.

"I think they have a sense of what it takes," Diebler said on whether his teammates understood how hard a tournament run is. "They've been at the games and they know the atmosphere."

Diebler is hoping for a state championship his senior season of high school and then eventually a title at Ohio State.

His teammates understand the high school atmosphere of a state-title contending team and likewise, Diebler is looking at his Ohio State experience much the same way.

"I think the fan support was unbelievable," he said of his time at the Ohio State - Michigan State game. "It gives you chills when you're watching it. You really want to play in a game like that as a player."

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