Future Buckeye: Nate Oliver

One year ago Nate Oliver issued his non-binding verbal commitment to sign with Ohio State, and now he was honored to make that commitment official by signing his Letter of Intent.

Nate Oliver, a 6-foot-0, 195-pound safety from St. Edward High in Lakewood, Ohio is relived to finally get to sign with the Buckeyes.

"I am really excited to really sign the letter," Oliver explained. "I committed last year on signing day, so really I have just been waiting for almost a year just to sign. I am just ready to get out there and just play for the Buckeyes.

"I have been just so excited. If I could have I would have signed last year, but I couldn't. My expectations are high, and I just can not wait to get on the field."

Oliver is ready to get started, but he has tried to keep his emotions out of the way of what he wants to accomplish on and off the field at OSU.

"Off and on the field, it is going to be a challenge," Oliver began. "I am ready for that challenge. Academically I can not wait to get there and decide on what my major is going to be. On the field I just can not wait to compete."

There has always been talk about what position he will play on the next level, but he reports the staff has never wavered with their intentions for his services.

"No they have not really talked to me about linebacker at all," Oliver said. "They always say that I am going to be a strong safety."

Oliver is a charismatic guy, so there is no wonder the recruiting process has allowed him to make many friends.

"I have grown really close with James Scott from Florida, and we stay close," Oliver informed. "Solomon Thomas, Donnie Evege and Daniel Herron I have also grown close with."

"We are all talking about rooming up together, so we will just have to see. I know that me and James are rooming together for sure, but they have this thing where you can get four bedrooms, so we will just see what happens."

Oliver, like many of his peers, does not quite yet know exactly which degree he will pursue.

"Before I started I said I wanted to study accounting, but I think I am going to go in undecided," Oliver said.

Oliver will participate in the North Vs South Ohio Classic this year in June, and will then enroll in Ohio State for summer conditioning.

Nate Oliver Highlights (1)-

Nate Oliver Highlights (1)-

Nate Oliver Highlights (1)-

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