Future Buckeye: Solomon Thomas

Solomon Thomas is a high intensity player that is ready to come in to the program and assert himself to be the best Buckeye he can be on and off the field.

Solomon Thomas, a 6-foot-5, 225-pound defensive end from Lakota West High in West Chester, Ohio was pumped up about signing day.

"I am very excited," Thomas explained. "I am happy with my choice. I am 100 percent comfortable with my decision. There are no doubts or second guessing."

Despite receiving some late interest from some major programs, Solomon Thomas confessed that he is all Buckeye.

"Three weeks ago Florida came in the mix and they offered me," Thomas reported. "They offered me the Monday after my official visit, and I did not even second guess my commitment. I am honored that Ohio State is showing me attention."

Thomas tried to put in to words what a scholarship to attend college meant to him and his family.

"Honestly if I did not have this privilege I do not think that I would be going to college for a couple of years. I always told myself that if I did not get a scholarship I was going to go in to the military."

"Right now my dad is putting my older brother through college, so I am the second boy, I do not really see how he would have been able to afford it, so I would have had to gone out and found a way to go to school or fund it. It is definitely a blessing."

Ohio State has always had a strong connection at Lakota West, but after the Josh Chichester saga from a year ago that the bond between the two entities was a thing of the past. Thomas believes that in a way his signing smoothes things over between both programs.

"I think that I have rekindled the relationship with Ohio State," Thomas began. "You know Steve Rehring started it, and I just feel like I am carrying it out. Glenville out in Cleveland has a great relationship with Ohio State, and I am just trying to build that with Lakota West."

"I would like to see one or two guys sign with Ohio State in every class. Andrew Phelan is a junior offensive lineman that is highly scouted. We also have a very highly scouted wide receiver Bakari Bussey. His father played for the Bengals. Supposedly Bakari has an offer from Illinois waiting on him tomorrow as well as Virginia and Michigan State."

Thomas noticed a difference in the way that the Ohio State coaching staff approaches the recruiting process, and shared some insight on the process.

"Their recruiting style is so much different than a lot of schools," Thomas said. "They put no pressure on the recruits. They are laid back."

"A lot of people say that it hurts them some times because they do not recruit a lot of people, and they sometimes do not get the guys they want, but they are more about quality than about quantity. They want the right guys. They get guys who they know that they can mold in two or three years, and that makes the team so good."

Thomas will be participating in the North-South game and then enrolling at Ohio State in time for the summer semester.

DE Soloman Thomas (Junior Highlights)-

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