Future Buckeye: Evan Blankenship

Its official Evan Blankenship is now an Ohio State Buckeye. Blankenship signed his name on the dotted line today and joined his new teammates as a member of The Ohio State University. We caught up with Blankenship and ask him a few questions about his new team and the recruiting process.

Monaca, Pa., offensive lineman Evan Blankenship has known for quite sometime that he wanted to become an Ohio State Buckeye. Today, he made his dream a reality as he signed his letter of intent. Blankenship is the only offensive lineman who will sign with Ohio State this year. That has caused some problems for Blankenship such as finding a roommate.

"They (coaches) said they like place us by position, but I'm the only offensive lineman in the class," Blankenship said. "I may end up with Cameron Heyward."

Blankenship like many freshmen will likely redshirt and not playing would be hard for any freshmen. The Center High lineman is realistic about his chances at early playing time.

"I haven't thought about it much," he said. "I'd like to be out there. Its' tough, but I have a feeling that I'll be redshirted."

The 6-foot-4, 300-pound, offensive lineman likes recruiting and reading up on his Ohio State Buckeyes. Which future teammate has impressed him the most in this class?

"Brandon Saine, his speed is outrageous," Blankenship explained. "He can fly. I've spoken to his parents a few times and they told me about all the records he has set at his school. I think he'll be good. The first time I met them they asked me if I would be blocking for their son."

Recruiting can become very hectic to deal with during the course of the year. What did Blankenship enjoy the most about the process and what did he dislike about it?

"Being able to travel, to see the schools and compare them," he said. "As a recruit you see all the behind the scenes stuff that as a fan you don't get to see. Going to places like Notre Dame, Michigan and Clemson and seeing the fields and facilities.'

"Traveling was also the worst part of as well. I think almost every trip we took was between four and six hours long."

Now that his high school football career is behind him is there anything he wishes would have gone differently?

"Maybe some things in a few games," Blanksenship said. "I'm pretty content though. I'd maybe change a few games like the Ford City one. I had a pretty good career and hopefully I can carry that into college."

Of course like many of us Blankenship took in the national championship game with a vested interest. What were his thoughts on the big game? "(Tedd) Ginn looked great on the first play," he said. "That's my team, so of course I was excited. Then as the game went on it got tougher to watch. My friends were all very excited knowing that I'll be there soon. I'm excited to be a part of that."

Now, that he has signed his letter of intent. What is Blankenship looking forward to the most about college?

"The whole college atmosphere and going from high school to college," he said. "I'm excited to meet new people and make new friends. I'm happy to get to move there and experience new things."

Do you have any fears or apprehensions about college?

"Not being prepared," Blankenship explained. "I want to get a lot stronger and faster. I know those guys are all going to be bigger, stronger and faster than me. I just don't want to go to camp and get killed everyday."

Blankenship plans to major in accounting, but what does the immediate future hold for him?

"I have track season coming up," he said. "I go to Columbus on June 18 and I start summer courses and lifting/conditioning."

Welcome to the Ohio State Buckeyes Evan!

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