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J.B. Shugarts is not only one of the most heavily recruited players in the "Lone Star State," but he is one of the most heavily recruited offensive tackles in the entire country. With a long and lean frame he looks thin despite the fact he is now checking in at over 300-pounds.

J.B. Shugarts, a 6-foot-7, 302-pound offensive tackle from Klein High School in Texas will likely be one of the top ranked players in the State, when unveils their first 2008 rankings later this year.

Shugarts is a spirited blocker (See: Highlight Film Below), that consistently drives his man back until after the whistle blows, but he believes his ability to move sets him apart from some of the other top players at the offensive tackle position.

"I am really athletic compared to a lot of other people. I got quick feet and I move good," Shugarts explained. "If you saw me you would think that I am skinny, but I weigh over 300-pounds now. I weighed in at 302 this weekend at Oklahoma while I was on my (un)official visit. I have the frame to put on more weight if I feel it is necessary."

"In my offense we drive block a whole lot, so I am good at drive blocking. In drills and stuff like that I am good at pass blocking. At all of the camps and combines and stuff they say I am good at pass blocking."

With a frame that actually resembles a linebackers, it is no wonder that is the position he played growing up, so he grew up trying to pattern himself off of some very tenacious players, a quality that is easy to see in his game.

"Before high school I played linebacker, so I was always in to defense," Shugarts said of his early interests in the sport. "I always liked Brian Urlacher a lot. I also liked the defensive end Jevon Kearse. So I was definitely in to defense a lot."

"Now when I watch football I miss a lot of the actual plays, because I am watching the offensive line. There is not any one particular guy. I just like to watch the line. I like to watch their feet and watch how they move."

Shugarts reports over 20 scholarship offers, but recently narrowed his list to six schools (Ohio State, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Michigan)in a video interview held at the U.S. Army Junior Combine in San Antonio. He is thinking of narrowing that list down even more, but there is also a new school making a strong push.

"I am still looking at those top six for now, but I am thinking about cutting it down to four," Shugarts informed. "I just started getting heavily recruited by Alabama, and they have just offered, so I am going to start looking at them."

"It is hard to cut it down. I am still interested in all six of the schools that I have been, but I was thinking of narrowing it down by one or two, but it is hard because I like something about each one."

"A lot of it has to do with the atmosphere of the colleges, and the academics," Shugarts continued. "I also like each programs opportunity to win over the next couple of years."

"The coaches are also key. I have to be able to get along with the coaches, and all of the coaches at all of those schools are more as player's coaches. They listen to their players and what they have to say."

Shugarts has begun to look at some of his top schools for unofficial visits, and last weekend he was in Norman watching a basketball game.

"I went to OU," Shugarts said. "It was great. I really like Oklahoma a lot. It is only about 5 ½ hours away from home. I had a lot of fun. I really like the campus because it is a college campus, and it is really not that far way from Oklahoma City. I would like to be able to go to the city and do a couple of things."

There have been Internet rumors regarding the possibility that Shugarts, Ohio's Mike Adams, Virginia's Kyle Long and Florida's Michael Brewster were all thinking about attending the same university. Shugarts touched on that subject some.

"I think it helped a lot recruiting wise as far as Ohio State stuff is concerned," Shugarts said of all the speculation. "I was already getting recruited heavy by Ohio State. I guess that helped for Ohio State type stuff and got them all riled up and ready to go."

"It is cool how the Ohio State fans came up with that "Fab Four" thing for us, and as a matter of fact Oklahoma got a group of five of us together this weekend and was calling us the ‘Fab Five'."

"That is pretty cool," Shugarts said after he was informed that the Ohio State fans were now considering the offensive line recruits as the ‘Block O'.

"It is weird because I have never even met Kyle (Long). I talk to (Mike) Adams somewhat, but I talk to (Michael) Brewster almost every day. I talk to all of them on the Internet, but I have just never met Kyle."

As a junior, Shugarts earned All- Greater Houston honors for his performance on the field.

He added All-Combine First Team honors after impressing the Scouts at the U.S. Army Junior Combine.

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