NevadaBuck: Explaining The Unexplained

It was a long and winding road for the Ohio State football coaching staff in recruiting. There were many twists and turns - some expected, much not. The most common question is, "what happened and why?" NevadaBuck explains in his column what may have contributed to the madness.

A strange recruiting season:
Its not been a good year for the "gurus".  Kids are becoming tougher to gauge, information more difficult to obtain, and deception is now always a part of the equation.  What happened to the "good old days"???
Somehow, somewhere along the way recruits have "tuned in" to the fact that recruiting is big business.  In the old days you might have one guy a month calling the house to check up on a recruit's progress--now it will be multiple times/night, from multiple services--all asking the same questions in a different way?  "What way you leaning?", "where are you headed next?", "any timetable for a decision?", "what do you like about each team on your list?"etc etc... 
Its gotten to the point where some kids will purposely mislead services to build suspense.  They will throw out little soundbites like "My decision will shock the world" or "Team A leads right now"(when in reality Team B is the pick)----this has occurred so many times in recent memory that these have almost become the "rule" rather than the "exception".
Its now increasingly rare to have kids that don't take all their visits---that aren't in to "self promotion"---that don't put out their own videos--or refer you to their MySpace page for clues of their intentions.
Sometimes(with emphasis on "sometimes"), kids will just out and out lie to you.
So, what do all you recruiting junkies do, if you can't trust the info from the kid's themselves???
I think the smart ones junkies are getting more and more adept at not getting too caught up in any particular update from a player--regardless of who is doing the update.  I think the really smart junkies are paying closer attention to "where" the recruit is located---as that has proven time and time again to be a pretty solid indicator of where they are headed(with notable exceptions, of course!).   I think the really really really smart junkies are watching for comments from the parent's, as they seem to be a little less guarded and direct in their "reading" of the situation.  And  I think the really really really really smart junkies are just sitting back and enjoying the process!
As Old Grannie Nevada used to say "tell me where you been and I will tell you where your going"........
In the meantime, the "gurus" will just lick their wounds(mine are still fresh!), sharpen up their questions, and go back out there and try to "read the tea leaves"...
just "don't believe the hype"---(unless its from us, of course!)...
Go Bucks!!

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