Out with the Old, In with the New

We have not been deaf to your suggestions to give this site a new name and identity. Many of you have wondered why we did not immediately remove the "Bucknuts" logo from the site after we parted ways ... it's enough to say here that the decision related in part to some legal issues.

That said, without waiving any of our claims, we have decided to the remove the Bucknuts name from this site and move towards a new site brand. It is our goal to build the best Buckeye product on the web, and we want to put a new name on it.

Many of you have provided us with your votes and suggestions for a new name. Many of them were great -- - however, in many cases the suggested site names were not available as ".com" domain names - most had already been registered. We do have a preferred new domain name and brand, but are still negotiating to acquire/buy the rights to it. We hope to have the new site name and brand wrapped up soon. In the mean time, you will see that the site has some fairly generic Scout branding, but stay tuned ..

Of course, the most important factor in the success of this site, or any other, will be the quality of the content and the community, not the name. Scout is committed to making this a place you are proud to call home. We made some early key additions with NevadaBuck, Bill Greene and Kyle Lamb, not to mention the contributions of our own Bob Lichtenfels, Greg Powers, and other Scout experts and contributors. We recently bolstered our paid offering by bundling our online subscription with Buckeye Sports Bulletin magazine, the bible of OSU sports. We are far from done yet and have a lot in the works. In the coming weeks and months we will be announcing significant new features and personnel on the site.

Finally, we are very appreciative to this community for not only your words of support and encouragement, but your constructive criticisms and suggestions. Stay tuned ..

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