Buckeye Offer is Special to Zordich

After being the only member of the Mooney "Big Four" to not have a scholarship offer, Zordich has picked up offers from LSU, Oklahoma, Syracuse and finally Ohio State. What does Zordich think about his offer list? Bill Greene caught up with him to get his thoughts.

Mike Zordich has become the second member of the Youngstown Cardinal Mooney Cardinals to get a scholarship offer from Ohio State, joining teammate Dan McCarthy. Zordich, who also has offers from LSU, Oklahoma and Syracuse, was excited to hear from the Buckeyes.

"It was special," Zordich said. "It surprised me completely. I was sitting in class and received a text message from coach [Jim] Heacock. He said they were offering me a scholarship. I called Jim Tressel the next day and we spoke for a while. I was waiting a long time for that offer."

Zordich stars on both sides of the ball for Mooney. He said the Buckeyes are recruiting him as a linebacker but have not ruled out playing him on the offensive side of the ball.

"Coach Heacock told me they want me as a middle linebacker," Zordich explained. "The next day when I talked with coach Tressel he asked me what I thought about playing fullback. Coach Tressel said he thought linebacker would be where I would start out though. I told him I didn't care at all. I just want to help my team win."

Zordich was returning from a visit to South Bend and reported the Irish did not offer.

"They said they're very interested but they hadn't seen any film," he said. "I dropped off my film and they're supposed to get back with me."

Zordich's father Mike Sr. played his college football for Joe Paterno at Penn State. It has long been thought that the younger Zordich would want to follow in his father's footsteps and attend Penn State. His mother, Cindy, was a cheerleader for Penn State as well.

"I know people think I'm a lock to attend Penn State because of my parents but that's not the case at all," Zordich noted. "There is a natural attraction to Penn State but there's not a huge pull to go there. My parents are pretty much wide open about mu college choice as well."

Zordich talked about the possibility of playing on college with his teammates Brandon Beachum, Dan McCarthy and Taylor Hill. Each member of the Mooney "Big Four" is drawing a lot of attention from the college recruiters. In fact Oklahoma has offered all four players as a package deal.

"We've talked about playing together," he admitted. "That would be a lot of fun but we're all trying to do what's best for each of us. We're great friends and if we can't all play together there wouldn't be any friction between us. We all root for one another."

Zordich spoke about why he feels he's being recruited by most of the top programs in the country.

"I think the colleges like the fact that I can run to the football," Zordich said. "I try to always be around the football. I try to be a leader at all times. My job is to make sure everybody is lined up correctly and I can get pretty vocal if I have to. I also think that we're taught to play the game right at Mooney."

When might Zordich be ready to announce his college choice?

"It would be nice to do it before the season starts," he admitted. "I'm just not sure at this time though. It's still pretty early. I think I'll just know where I want to go at the end of the summer but if I have to wait longer I will. I want to make sure I make the right decision. During the season I'll be concentrating on trying to win another championship. It was great winning it last season but doing it as a senior would be really special. I want to walk off that field as a champion for my last game."

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