Chat Transcript - Jerry Rudzinski

Jerry Rudzinski joined the Bucknuts Fan Club for a chat yesterday. Here's a transcript.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:24:47 PM)
2 days from being 2 and 0

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:25:26 PM)
Hi all

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:25:36 PM)
Ramzy...what's happening

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:25:44 PM)
Hey Ramzy ! how goes it?

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:26:46 PM)
Going well! A little concerned I'll miss the Bucks game Saturday!

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:27:08 PM)
that's not good. they should roll. KS doesn't have the weapons.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:27:36 PM)
Where you gonna be Ramzy?

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:27:56 PM)
Me too! I have annual trng at Camp Atterbury for the weekend, but arranged for taping the game.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:28:15 PM)
if you are gonna miss one, better this week than next

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:28:23 PM)
Agreed - which is why I chose to go to Gainesville for FL/Miami instead, where the distractions are probably going to keep me from getting to see it...

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:28:35 PM)
I'll be in Columbus next week

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:28:43 PM)
who do you like...the canes?

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:28:49 PM)
I will be there for the Wazzoo game.

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:29:31 PM)
I think Miami will win. Would like Florida to win though - don't think Miami will be challenged in conference otherwise

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:29:58 PM)
agreed. Va Tech is nice, but not that nice.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:30:48 PM)
Things looked sharp at practice on Tuesday

land2088 (Sep 5, 2002 5:30:55 PM)
Jerry, have you been to practice this week? Anything stand out

land2088 (Sep 5, 2002 5:31:22 PM)
sorry, a little late on that question

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:31:36 PM)
Yeah, Olivea dropping with an ankle stood out. He should be okay though

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:31:40 PM)
Jerry, Do you think Chattams will be kicked off the team?

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:32:28 PM)
I think Chattams will get a second shot. I really do. Whether that is right or wrong. If I am a betting man, I say he stays

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:33:02 PM)
You wonder if that is really breaking news for the staff. Word gets to them quicker than we think?????

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:33:37 PM)
I think we will continue to have trouble as long as the penalty is weak!

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:33:47 PM)
Cie is practicing great.

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:33:55 PM)
I don't know - didn't the incident happen in July, and Chattams still got in the TT game?

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:34:54 PM)
I am waiting for Ken Peterson to have a breakout game

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:35:37 PM)
You are right about penalties. Put the hammer down and people will take notice. It is tough to throw guys off though for drinking a beer. Where do you draw the line? I don't know. One strike and you aren't off my team. Two strikes and you are. Some things (like M. Cooper) are one and out

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:36:19 PM)
Peterson has an awesome attitude. All those d-linemen look up to him. He is the type of leader you need. Not all the publicity, but gets respect with the players

land2088 (Sep 5, 2002 5:36:51 PM)
Theft seems to be an appropriate place to draw the line

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:37:02 PM)
I swear...T. Smith looks better every day

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:37:35 PM)
I think a felony (like a DUI, weapons possession, aggrivated assualt) should end your season. A misdemeanor should be a minimum one-game suspension.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:37:44 PM)
I definitely see your point. Chattams is asking for it. Was the $500 worth it?

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:38:00 PM)
My golf clubs are good, brand new, and cost $100 on eBay

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:38:19 PM)
Chattams' business model is severely flawed, and illegal

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:38:23 PM)
Hear Chattams was asking 150.

land2088 (Sep 5, 2002 5:38:52 PM)
It is kind of fun to think about the Bucks having depth at QB with Smith and Zwick in the future. Not to mention how good Krenzel looked vsTT

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:38:58 PM)
If you are as athletic as don't need the equipment.

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:39:41 PM)
Will Ken Peterson make the BIGS?

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:39:48 PM)
This will be a break out game for our aerial attack. We can provide protection against them and our receivers will be in mismatches. We should light it up.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:40:56 PM)
KP will sign as a free agent. From there, it is a long shot. There aren't many roster spots. He has a shot though. I would see him inside, and he would have to bulk up.

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:41:19 PM)
I was thinking we might not show more than 15-20 vanilla pass plays in order that there be no tapes for WSU to see.

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:41:45 PM)
I think KP will be on someone's practice squad next Fall.

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:41:51 PM)
My 5.1 40 would make me a sweet tee retriever after kickoffs.

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 5:42:37 PM)
Hey Jerry - do you have any idea when Vance will be active again?

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:44:01 PM)
With receivers that are a threat with the deep ball, all you need are basic routes. If the dbs don't sit down on you, all you need is a catch and then make guys miss. (Glenn vs. ND).

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:44:39 PM)
I think WSU. He was running as scout team quarterback a little this week. It was kind of interesting. He will be a nice addition.

land2088 (Sep 5, 2002 5:46:03 PM)
How have Hall and Ross' attitudes been with all the hoopla surrounding Clarrett

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:47:00 PM)
Real good. You stay humble at OSU. Ross and Hall know they are a seam away from doing the same thing Clarett did. And Clarett and Spencer know that as well.

Hoosier Buck (ID=14) (Sep 5, 2002 5:47:28 PM)
Lets not forget JaJa he looked awful good as a receiver in practice., and getting YAC.

land2088 (Sep 5, 2002 5:48:03 PM)
It seems like keeping 4 RB's happy is too much to ask

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:48:50 PM)
It shouldn't be so hard with a 2 rb backfield....tag teams!

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:48:50 PM)
Actually, JaJa was blowing the coaches away before he had the appendix. He can do some things the other 3 can't do. The others are better between the tackles, but don't forget him.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:50:34 PM)
Other teams have had that depth at tailback. FSU in during the 90's always had a stable full of tailbacks. So did Oklahoma in their day, and Nebraska, and Miami, etc. If Tressel gets this thing where we think it is going, this is a yearly problem. Not a unique situation to only this year

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:51:43 PM)
jrud...was Olivea's hurt ankle the one he broke last year?

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:51:46 PM)
Glad the fullback is back. I don't want our tbs delivering isos too much. Hard on the body. Wears down the legs

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:52:47 PM)
Good question. I don't know. I don't think it was related though He just got a pile rolled onto it. Probably better to roll on the hurt one. Can't damage a steel rod.

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:53:25 PM)
Ouch! I hurt on that one!

rudzinski (ID=11) (Sep 5, 2002 5:53:37 PM)
No, seriously. They had a team picnic later that day and all indications were he would be okay. We'll see.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:54:37 PM)
We will see how our conditioning is. It will be hot and it is not fun chasing a quarterback around like Cribbs. That wears you more than anything.

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 5:55:01 PM)
How about Kunhein and Cook? Will they ever contribute? Where does Kunhein fall short?

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 5:58:29 PM)
I think Cook could develop. Not a superstar, but he could definitely play plenty of snaps down the road. Kunhein lacks the power and size and punch. He doesn't have that wide frame and lower body that many of the great ones have. He can move well. But a good defensive linemen could act as an anchor point against him. And that is what d-linemen are told to do. Great guy and a hard worker though. He has every bit of my respect.

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 6:00:30 PM)
Jerry, put your C-ville bias aside and rank the freshmen linebackers - your opinion. We know they're all great - interested in how you see their potential

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:04:16 PM)
Hawk, D'Andrea, Carpenter, White (I don't think he is coming back to defense though). All biases aside. Actually, it's tough to compare D'Andrea and Hawk. Totally different players. If I get to take one guy though...I like Hawk. Bottom line: they are all living up to the hype. I really mean that

brett (Sep 5, 2002 6:04:27 PM)
I thought you were from kettering

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:04:52 PM)
Lived in Cville. Went to school in kettering

land2088 (Sep 5, 2002 6:05:41 PM)
Jerry, any early thoughts on WSU

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 6:07:42 PM)
Jerry, what BT teams did you watch last Sat. if any and what teams/players stand out in your memory ?

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:07:52 PM)
I think OSU is a great program and WSU is a great team. Always go with the team. Scary though. They have the passing game obviously, but have both power and speed with there depth at tailback.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:09:26 PM)
I didn't watch it close enough. I had a serious honey-do list. I knew Illinois would struggle, but I had no idea they would do that. That was absolutely embarrassing. Actually, my cousin starts at linebacker for Air Force. I could see that coming.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:10:12 PM)
Back to WSU...Clarett and Hall and Ross should shine. They return a lot on defense, but all there great tacklers are gone.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:10:45 PM)
Carson Palmer is big time in my mind.

Hoosier Buck (Sep 5, 2002 6:10:53 PM)
Thanks Jerry! I have to do my honey-do list now.! Later

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:10:59 PM)
Have a good one.

Ramzy (Sep 5, 2002 6:13:35 PM)
If not for their DB who had a great game (3 INTs and a TD?), their game vs. Nevada would have been pretty close.

land2088 (Sep 5, 2002 6:14:30 PM)
Is Gesser the real deal, and do they run a form of spread offense. I hope so!!!

land2088 (Sep 5, 2002 6:14:48 PM)
We seem to dominate the spread

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:14:51 PM)
Who do they have next. Idaho? There eyes will be opened when they roll into the shoe. I will believe someone when they say the Pac 10 has athletes. But there atmosphere out there is not one tenth of what we have. That will give us a HUGE advantage.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:15:59 PM)
I think WSU will have more balance than we think. It is not a gimmicky thing like TTech. They air it out. But understand you need a plan B vs. a good defense

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:16:21 PM)
We need will Allen healthy. He's a stud

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:16:39 PM)
Gesser is for real.

land2088 (Sep 5, 2002 6:16:57 PM)
Who besides WSU and Michigan do you see as our biggest challenge

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:18:18 PM)
I still think Wisconsin can be scary up there. Tiller doesn't lose many home games. But at the end of the day. We should roll those teams. On paper, we dominate. Do we show up is the question

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:19:05 PM)
I am not really too worried about WSU. It's at home. Out there...I am absolutely petrified.

rudzinski (Sep 5, 2002 6:21:20 PM)
Well...take care fellas. I have to get going. Thanks for the chatter. Look forward to talking to you soon when we make another move up the polls.

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