Bucknotes - 9/6

Dave Biddle is back with more Bucknotes, and today, he talks about Andy Geiger, Derek Morris, Troy Smith, and gives a couple of staff members the "Bucknuts 10."

It was nice to see Andy Geiger set some people straight this week. Yes, the Buckeyes have had too many off-the-field problems of late, but nearly every time I read something about those problems, the story seemed exaggerated.

The reporter who covers OSU for the Associated Press actually wrote this week that, "Several front-line players have run into legal or disciplinary problems in recent weeks."

Several front-line players?

OK, Chris Vance is a front-line player. He happens to play a position that is the deepest on the team, but he is a front-line player.

Branden Joe? Well, he was a projected starter, but I wouldn't classify him as a front-line player. Not yet, at least.

Angelo Chattams, Redgie Arden and Quinn Pitcock? Not exactly front-line players, unless you are speaking from the scout team point of view.

Geiger finally had enough of such exaggerations and lashed out. "Reporters must be bored," he said. "Somebody opened the question-and-answer period after the Texas Tech game with, 'This was a good game considering all the distractions.' You guys are the ones who are distracted. There isn't anybody in the football program that's distracted."

I would have to agree with that. What do you want to bet Craig Krenzel isn't distracted? Jim Tressel doesn't even know what the word means. He is as focused as anyone you'll ever meet. No one within the program is distracted, there was just an off week and apparently not enough to complain about.

It was just good to hear that Geiger has Tressel's back. One of the reasons Tress was hired was to clean up the program and there are going to be people who think he is failing it that regard. But don't let the actions of a few (non-front line) players speak for the whole team. Let's remember that it took Tressel less than a year to raise the team's GPA from near the bottom of the Big Ten, to the top. And besides, the disciplinary problems are going to stop, as long as we can keep Mr. Bucknuts from ever leaving the Gem City known as Dayton.

Is that the coolest name for an award, or what?

Tressel said this week that if the Buckeyes had a road game, only two quarterbacks (Krenzel, Scott McMullen) would travel with the team. He said if one of the two was a little banged up, they would take a third QB, but right now the plan is to just send two. 

Tressel wouldn't say which of the freshmen would be the No. 3 guy. He indicated that the plan is to redshirt both Troy Smith and Justin Zwick, but that could change at anytime during the season. 

I saw him leaving the WHAC this week with his father (both huge men). It's a good sign that he's still hanging around, but this has turned out to be a weird situation to say the least. Hopefully we'll know something for sure by the time fall classes begin at OSU, if not sooner.

Some might laugh at the Joshua Cribbs-Antwaan Randle-El comparison, but it is pretty accurate. Cribbs is nearly as quick and elusive as Randle-El, but much bigger and stronger. Kent struck gold when they signed this kid out of Dunbar High School in Washington D.C. 

It now looks like our biggest competition for ESPN's GameDay on Sept. 14 is the Michigan at Notre Dame game. This means we need Purdue to hammer the Irish this Saturday. If that happens, GameDay's hand might be forced because the Ohio State v. Washington State game will be by far the best contest of the day. And I'm still holding the executive producer of the show to his words (if the Bucks/Cougs is the only top 10 v. top 10 game, the show will be in Columbus).

We've already hit up guys like Mike Doss, Maurice Clarett and Krenzel, but this time we tried something new. Directors of football operations Bob Tucker and Dr. Dick Tressel were put to the test.

1. Favorite Buckeye tradition?
Tucker: Gold Pants
Tressel: Skull Session 

2. Largest figure in OSU football history?
Tucker: Woody Hayes
Tressel: Archie Griffin 

3. Strangest thing a fan asked you to autograph?
Tucker: No one ever asks me for my autograph
Tressel: Their shorts 

4. Favorite NFL team?
Tucker: Browns
Tressel: Browns 

5. Favorite pro sports team not including football?
Tucker: Yankees
Tressel: Twins 

6. If you could go on a date with anyone, who would it be?
Tucker: Wife
Tressel: Wife (this question is never as much fun with married guys)

7. If you could go on a free two-week vacation anywhere, where would you go?
Tucker: Hilton Head
Tressel: Australia 

8. Favorite type of music? Favorite musician?
Tucker: Rock n' Roll/Elvis
Tressel: Show tunes/Temptations 

9. Favorite hobby?
Tucker: Golf
Tressel: Collecting baseball/football cards 

10. Favorite food?
Tucker: Steak
Tressel: Pasta 

11. Favorite movie/TV show?
Tucker: Hoosiers/Letterman
Tressel: My Blue Heaven/West Wing

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