Holler talks about the Buckeyes

Recently, Pennsylvania OL Joel Holler narrowed his list of schools, and OSU made the cut. What are his thoughts on the Buckeyes?

One of the positions fans would most like to see OSU address in this year's recruiting class is offensive line, and one of Pennsylvania's biggest and best linemen has OSU under consideration.  OL Joel Holler (6-6, 345) from Lancaster McCaskey high school in Pennsylvania is the player in question, and we recently caught up with him to talk about how much he is interested in Ohio State and more.

"I have been to Ohio State already," Joel said. "I made a Midwest tour and visited Ohio State along with Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame."

So Joel has already checked out the campus... will he be back?

"I am looking to get down to Ohio State for the Michigan game," he said. "I hear that is a different experience."

Joel is certainly considering the home state Penn State Nittany Lions, but when I told him that the rumor mill had him as a lock for Penn State and if he left the state it would be to Miami, he laughed and replied, "If I was a lock for any school why wouldn't I just commit?"

Coincidentally, Joel got to see OSU play once last year... at the home state school's stadium.

"I saw Ohio State against Penn State last year at Penn State," he said.

Joel has had contact with a few OSU coaches. 

"Coach Daniels is recruiting me, but I talk to coach Bollman as much if not more," he said.  "I met Jim Tressel. He is awesome."

Even though it is not the case right now, Joel projects as a tackle on the next level. 

"I play guard now because my team needs me there," he said, "but I will be a tackle in college. I play both ways in high school but I prefer offense."

One of the things Joel likes about being a lineman is clearing the road for his running backs.

"I love run blocking, I like taking it to them. In pass blocking you have to wait on them."

What about a major? 

"I have not thought about a major," he said. "I am going to wait to make those decisions after the season."  

The Buckeyes have not scored big in Pennsylvania for quite some time, so landing Joel Holler might be against the odds.  But this big lineman is definitely still a big recruiting target for the Buckeyes.

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