Quotebook (9/9)

It was a light day today at Buckeye practice, but Dave Biddle was up on campus today and gathered some quotes. He has quotes from Coach Tressel, Matt Wilhelm, Ryan Hamby, Archie Griffin, and Craig Krenzel.

There wasn't a whole lot to complain about following the Kent State game. But not everything went perfect.

"Probably the only thing that's disappointing is that we left the ball on the ground a couple of times and if we do that this week, we're in trouble," said Jim Tressel.

Tressel on the QB play against Kent State

"We wanted to get Craig (Krenzel) out there making decisions, both run and pass. Trying to decide between run and pass. And I think he did a good job there, he made some nice decisions... And it was good to see Scott (McMullen) get some time. There is going to be a point in this season where it's a big game and Scott may have to get it done for us. So, I was happy that they both got some throws under fire."

Tressel on the receivers

"We want to try and get them the ball because they can make plays. If you leave guys like Michael (Jenkins) and Chris (Gamble) alone, they have the chance to make a really big play so it was nice to see them get more opportunities last week."

Linebacker Matt Wilhelm on the emerging crop of freshman 'backers

"We have great camaraderie as a linebacker corps. The freshmen are really developing and kind of proving themselves. You get respect when respect is deserved and the freshmen are working hard, producing on the field and earning the respect of the older guys. It's great just to see them learning. You are going to see us playing a lot of linebackers this year because it's a luxury to have so much talent in one group."

Wilhelm on the new style of play in the Big Ten

"The Big Ten has changed. It's not your prototypical power run every other play. You are going to get a little bit of Texas Tech in Purdue, Penn State will spread you out and so will a lot of other teams. It's just the way it is and I think playing teams like Texas Tech and Washington State early in the season is going to help us down the line as we go for the Big Ten championship."

Has time flown by at OSU for Wilhelm?

"Yeah, it really has been four quick years. It's amazing. Once the season is over, you are just so into working hard towards the next season, or rehabbing an injury and everything just goes by so quickly. Mike Doss and I were talking about that the other day; how fast the time has gone by. I am just trying to work hard and enjoy my last year at Ohio State . I want to go out on top."

Quarterback Craig Krenzel on what to expect from Washington State 's defense

"They are going to be tough, they have a lot of talent. We've just started to watch some more film on them. We watched a little bit this summer, but we are starting to crack down now. They seem to have a really good front four and their linebackers and secondary guys are talented. They are going to come and play us tough because they are a great football team. We are going to have to have our 'A' game if we want to win."

Did OSU use the Kent game as a tune-up? Is that why we saw the shotgun/no-huddle offense?

"We didn't really look at it that way, I don't think you can ever approach a game that way," Krenzel said. " Kent State had some guys that can make plays and we knew that. As a team, we did not look past them and say, 'Here are some new things we want to work on for next week.' We knew we had to come in and take care of business and get the win."

Tight end Ryan Hamby on what the team has to do to get ready for WSU

"We just have to prepare like we do every week," Hamby said. "Go in there and study film, listen to the coaches, practice hard and I think it will take care of itself."

Is Hamby a Ben Hartsock fan?

"I watch Ben and I try to get better from him. Obviously, you can see that I'm not the receiving tight end. He's been making some one-handed snags, so, he definitely speaks for himself. They say Ben's the blocking tight end and I'm the receiving, but I think it's actually the other way around. No, but I've been working hard on my blocking and I feel a lot more confident out there... Ben is just a complete player and I try to pattern my game after his."

Is Hamby still glowing from his first touchdown as a Buckeye?

"Definitely. I'm still excited about it. I didn't do anything special on that play, but it definitely felt good to get that first touchdown."

Mr. Archie Griffin on OSU's running back "problem"

"I think we are very fortunate that we have the group of running backs we have right now," Griffin said. "Not only Maurice Clarett, but Maurice Hall, Lydell Ross and Ja Ja Riley. I mean, all those guys are terrific running backs and I know Jim will have a tough time trying to decide how much time he's going to give each of those guys."

With so much talent at one position, is there bound to be an "odd-man out" according to Griffin ?

"Sometimes that happens. But the good thing about it is that you need a group of running backs because you never know when an injury might occur. In fact, Woody use to always say that, 'You need a pair and a spare,' and we've got that right now and we should be very proud," Griffin concluded.

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