Mealer's Stock is Soaring

Wauseon [Ohio] star Elliott Mealer is quickly becoming a hot prospect in recruiting circles. Mealer has 12 offers to his credit, including the Michigan offer that came last week. Bill Greene checked in with Mealer to see where Ohio State fits in this mix and to get Mealer's thoughts on the recruiting process.

Wauseon's Elliott Mealer picked up his 12TH scholarship offer last week when Lloyd Carr and the Michigan Wolverines made a bid to secure his services. Mealer's offer list includes Cincinnati, Purdue, Michigan State, Northwestern and others as the college recruiters are lining up to bid for the services of the "Meal Ticket."

Mealer spoke about his feelings on receiving the Michigan offer. It was not something he was expecting and the timing of the offer was surprising to him.

"Last Wednesday I was text messaging with coach Mike DeBord," Mealer said. "He told me to call him the next day because he would have some good news for me. Coach DeBord and I have grown pretty close throughout the recruiting process and the next day they offered me a scholarship when I called."

Even though DeBord set up phone call it was Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr who delivered the good news to Mealer.

"Coach DeBord handed the phone to coach Carr and he told me they were offering me a scholarship," Mealer explained. "Coach Carr said that I was the kind of player and person they wanted at Michigan. I was kind of blindsided by the offer really. Michigan had said all along that they wanted to see me in camp before they would offer me. I was pleasantly surprised. Michigan is close to home and I've been up there four times already. I really like their staff and feel comfortable around them. I'll be going back up there this week to watch practice and visit with everybody. I've received some great scholarship offers but the Michigan offer was pretty special."

With Michigan jumping in with an early offer, where do the Ohio State Buckeyes figure into Mealer's plans?

"With Ohio State it's a waiting game right now," he said. "Dick Tressel is recruiting me and he keeps telling me I've got to get down there for spring practice. He said I'll have to come to camp and earn an offer. They want to see me go through all the drills and watch me compete. I really don't expect an Ohio State offer before camp, but Michigan said that also so I guess you never really know what might happen."

Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel spoke to Mealer about the Buckeye recruiting situation.

"Coach Tressel told me they're waiting on a few out of state prospects, you know the "Block O," Mealer said with a laugh. "I understand what Ohio State is doing but I'd rather have the offer from them. I'll be patient and see what happens next. All my life I've grown up saying I'm going to play for Ohio State, even when I was a little kid. I've always been a huge Buckeye fan as long as I can remember. We've been going to one of my uncle's house and watching the Bucks since I was 6 years old. I'll be fine with whatever happens."

Mealer plays tight end at Wauseon but knows his future lies on the offensive line. The 6' 6" and 290 pound Mealer is in no hurry to make his college choice.

"I'm not sure about a time table to decide," Mealer noted. "I could do it before the season or sometime during the season. I can't see myself waiting later than December to decide. I'm going to both Ohio State and Michigan for camps and I could make my decision after those camps. I'm in no hurry and I want to take my time and make the right decision."

Despite playing at a small high school, there is no doubt that Elliott "Meal Ticket" Mealer is one of the top players in the Buckeye state. Mealer is a player we will track very closely at throughout 2007.

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