Nevadabuck: "Scarlet By Six"

Ohio State held it's annual spring game draft Wednesday. And to nobody's surprise there was a clear difference of opinion between Bill Greene and Nevadabuck over which team came out the winner. Here is Nevada's analysis of why the Gray team has the better team and will win Saturday's game.

Bill Greene: "Give Me The Gray"

Having watched many Spring Games over the years at the Ohio State University I am reminded of an old saying from Grandma Nevada, "The big horse gets you home quicker than the little one, cause he takes less steps".

The big horses in this game of course are the guys in the trenches, and by that measure the Scarlet team has a clear advantage. Alex Boone and Kirk Barton are the two best tackles in all of college football---and they are on the same spring game team??? Are you kidding me??? Then throw in the gigantic Steve Rehring, Josh Kerr and future star Connor Smith and you have the making of an All-Big 10 lineup. Oh yeah, and for good measure you have starting tight end Rory Nicol as well. An aging Bill Greene carrying around a lot of bad weight would rumble for 100 plus yards behind those behemoths.

The quarterback will have plenty of time to look around given that protection, and Scarlet gets the benefit of Todd Boeckman and his FIVE years in the program. Experience is something that you can't replicate or accelerate in practice, and Boeckman will prove to be an effective game manager and cool head. He should have a big game.

At wide receiver you have the "always open" Brian Robiskie and my break out star in Albert Dukes running free on the outside. This combination of Dukes deep threat, and Robiskie's precise route running should keep Scarlet drives alive all day, and just make the running lanes even larger for the backs.

Defensively, the big boys up front again present a clear edge to the Scarlet. Big Vernon Gholston, and future All Pro Robert Rose are your defensive ends--and promise to make the day miserable for the Gray quarterbacks. And the Scarlet defense will get plenty of push up front from starting defensive tackle tandem Doug Worthington and Todd Denlinger (assuming he plays). Big edge to the Scarlet on the defensive line.

At linebacker you have to love the speed that the Scarlet will put up with Marcus Freeman, Curtis Terry(if he plays) and Austin Spitler and Thaddeus "Predator" Gibson. But the real strength will be at the safety and cornerback positions as you have headhunters Kurt Coleman, Grant Schwartz and Donald Washington roaming about.

The kicking will be adequate as Ryan Pretorious brings a big leg and maturity--and he has been kicking the ball extremely well in practice. But this game will not come down to a field goal. The dominance of the Scarlet team in the trenches and the experience at key positions will prove to be too much for the Gray. I had the early line at Scarlet -4 1/2, but after closer review I am bumping it up to -6.

I see Scarlet winning the game 24-17 in a game that is not all that close.

Should be a beautiful day and a great show. Hope you all can make it. Go Bucks!!

Bill Greene: "Give Me The Gray"

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