Scott a True Competitor

Cleveland Glenville's Cordale Scott was at it again Sunday afternoon at the Scout Combine in Pittsburgh. Following on the heels of a camp MVP award at the Elite Skills Camp in Cleveland last Tuesday, Scott performed admirably once again. Bill Greene caught up with Scott to discuss how recruiting is going for him.

Cleveland Glenville's Cordale Scott completed a busy week by having another big day at the Scout Combine in Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon. Scott, 6' 3"and 190 pounds, was named the MVP of the Elite Skills Camp held earlier this week in Cleveland. He spoke about why he feels the need to attend football combines in the middle of track season.

"I just love to compete against the best," Scott exclaimed. "We just ran a big track meet yesterday but I still wanted to come here to see how I measure up against all these great players. I worked out as a defensive back and wide receiver today. In Cleveland I just went through drills as a wideout. It doesn't matter what position I play, either at Glenville or in college. I just like to play hard and want to win more than anything. Most colleges haven't said if they want me on offense or defense."

Scott has scholarship offers from Ohio State, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota as well as many others. However there are a few more schools he's hoping to hear from.

"I'm happy with the offers I've received," he said. "I'm still hoping to get offers from some other schools like Michigan, Florida and USC. I really don't have a leader at this point. I'm interested in every school that's offered me. I'll probably cut it down to a top five at around mid-season. I'd like to announce my decision after the season is over. Coach [Ted] Ginn and I have talked about it and we decided that I would make my announcement at the All-American game in San Antonio if I was lucky enough to be picked for the game."

Although Scott refused to name a leader he admitted he is quite fond of Jim Tressel and the Ohio State program.

"I'm definitely a big Buckeye fan and love the staff there," Scott explained. "Ohio State is a great atmosphere to play college football in. They have the best fans in the country. Ohio State has everything I want in so far as choosing a college to play for. I feel very comfortable there and they're going to be hard to beat but I'm still keeping an open mind about the whole process. I'm going to choose the place that's right for me."

Although it's assumed that any Glenville player will automatically choose Ohio State if offered, Scott maintains he could be the one to break the mold.

"I know everybody says I'm a lock for Ohio State, it's not true," Scott insisted. "I love Ohio State but it's not automatic that I'll choose them. I want to look around and be sure of my choice. I mean a part of me wants to go to Ohio State to be with my big brothers and continue the Glenville tradition there. But another part of me is saying that maybe I should be the one to go my own way and start my own tradition in a different place. I don't know what I'm going to do. Coach Ginn and I will sit down and talk it over and I'll listen to his advice. Then it will be up to me to do what I think is best for me as a player."

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