Ohio State or Michigan For Koger?

For Toledo Whitmer High School tight end Kevin Koger it's down to only two programs working to secure his commitment. Ohio State and Michigan battles are well documented in the history of college football, but this recruiting battle is just heating up. Where is Koger on making a college choice and are the Buckeyes in the hunt? We get the latest and more from Kevin himself.

It's no secret that Ohio State is in hot pursuit of Kevin Koger.  While Buckeye fans wondered why Brandon Moore of Trotwood – Madison hadn't been offered, it was clear OSU coaches felt two-way athlete Koger gave them more of what they were looking for.  But with Moore now headed to Michigan does it open up Koger's interest in the Buckeyes more than ever?

"Right now I don't have a leader, said Koger on Tuesday night.  It's a tie between Ohio State and Michigan and I hope to make a college choice before my senior season.  I could make my choice as early as July as I'll camp at both schools in June."

On the docket next month will be Michigan senior camp first followed by a trip to Columbus for OSU's second senior camp.  But while others have been talking Koger was busy with a track season that ended to soon.

"I've been sick and missed the districts.  Right now I'm just trying to get healthy and work on my hands and footwork."

As several have reported Kevin's father is from Michigan and Michigan commitment Elliott Mealer has been in constant contact talking about the two of them playing together at Michigan.  Has this had any effect on his college choice?

"My father has told me it's all on me to make my college choice.  He wants me to make the choice that I feel is best for me and he'll be happy with whatever school I pick.  Elliott calls me all the time and tells me to make a commitment to Michigan."

When asked what fans should expect from him as a player, Kevin was quick to respond.

"They should expect a player that works hard and goes hard on every play."

As with any high-profile prospect things can get crazy with all the phone calls and interest from fans.  While he stressed he's seen no special treatment from school, Kevin did point out he's asked often about what his college choice may be from other students at school.

"Being here in Toledo we have fans of both schools.  It's common that I get stopped in the hall and asked where I'll be going to college by fans of both programs."

While many have talked about his father's interest in Michigan it should also be noted Kevin's older sister chose Michigan while his older brother is at Ohio Technical College in Cleveland.

Make no mistake, Kevin Koger is not losing sleep at this point in looking at what college he'll chose.  All he's concerned with is becoming a better player and letting the rest take care of itself.

"I've very happy right now with having offers from both programs.  I know it won't be easy but will look to pick the program that's right for me.  Right now I want to work on becoming a better player.  I need to work on my route running and get my hands and footwork back after having been sick."

While everyone has talked about Kevin's football future it's the off the field Kevin we looked to expose during our conversation.  Here are a few questions in helping fans get to know Kevin Koger a little better.

Scout: What type of music do you listen to and who are the artist in your CD player of music device right now?

Kevin: I like to listen to Rap and R&B music.  Right now you'll find Lil Wayne and Ludacris along with others.

Scout: What is your favorite food?

Kevin: BBQ Ribs are my favorite food.

Scout: If you weren't a football player what other sport would you want to play?

Kevin: Basketball.

Scout: Who has been your biggest role model in your life?

Kevin: My parents have far and away been my biggest role models.

While there are a few weeks ahead before he's expressed an interest in making his college choice, we'll continue to follow one of Ohio's hottest prospects until he makes his commitment.

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