Practice Report 9/17

Dave Biddle was in attendance at practice today, and he checks in with some notes.

Hall and Ross rotated as the No. 1 tailback today. Riley got a lot of work with the second team and what stands out about him is his hands. Riley is very good at catching balls out of the backfield.


Jim Bollman is such a great teacher. Every time the O-Line does a drill, there is Bollman right in the trenches with them barking out directions. When something doesn't go the way he wants it, Bollman will even step in and take a few reps to show the proper technique. And he is all about technique… Bollman is also the "yeller" of the coaching staff. He's pretty laid back off the field, but is definitely the most animated of the coaches on the field. Today, Bollman could be heard screaming over and over again, "Knock 'em off the ball. Get low and knock 'em off the ball."


Adrien Clarke is still working with the second team, but continues to look a little bit better each time I see him.


Cornerback Rich McNutt is still working with the first team defense. But charging hard are EJ Underwood, Harlen Jacobs and Bobby Britton, who all got reps with the first team today. Will Allen is still the nickel man, but suddenly he has competition from Tyler Everett and Nate Salley.


I watched quarterback Craig Krenzel closely today and I don't think arm strength is the problem with him. The reason Krenzel has a few lame ducks here and there must have something to do with his grip. Today, his arm looked really good as he was firing the ball in there really w

ell. Krenzel was also very accurate with his long balls today. He just needs to get over having the ball "slip" in real games.


Speaking of QBs, this is by far the best day of practice I've seen Justin Zwick have. Zwick was playing the role of Gino Guidugli today and looked extremely sharp. He was hitting all of his passes, including the rollouts. The Bearcats must like to run out of the shotgun because that's how the scout team offense lined up most of the time.


Troy Smith also got some reps with the scout team and continues to shine. It is nice to know that the Bucks have two young quarterbacks that both seem to be developing very well. If Krenzel and Scott McMullen can stay healthy, you can bank on Zwick and Smith being redshirted this year.


One thing the Bucks worked on more than usual today was wide receiver reverses (mostly to Chris Gamble). The coaches must be looking to get the ball to their talented receivers more than they have the first three games… The offense also practiced out of the shotgun formation quite a bit today. I expect to see a lot of passes against UC, if for no other reason than to get Krenzel ready for the Big Ten season (where eight man fronts will be the norm).


Ben Hartsock and Ryan Hamby both stood out today. Hartsock is like a lineman with great hands and Hamby is like a wide receiver that can block. Hopefully the Bucks will break the school tradition of not throwing much to the tight end because they sure have two talented guys to use.

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