The Tressel Express Keeps Rolling

Washington, Pa – Andrew Sweat has liked a handful of teams all year, ranging from Ohio State, Notre Dame, Florida, Pittsburgh and Penn State. The order has changed for the second place team, but the one constant has always been Ohio State. On Thursday evening at Hiller Stadium he announced his college decision.

Washington, Pa., linebacker Andrew Sweat, 6-2, 230-pounds, gathered around a number of friends, family and teammates on Thursday evening at Hiller Stadium where the talented four-star prospect announced that he would be attending Ohio State University next year.

"I am going to Ohio State," Sweat said. "There are several reasons why I chose Ohio State. The coaches are great guys. I mean all of them from (Jim) Tressel and Luke Fickell on down to Coach Daniels and Heacock. It is only two and half hours away from home and that was a big factor.

"It's one of the premier, if not the premier football program in the nation. Mike Brewster and all the other guys who have committed there are all great people and are my friends and I can't wait to play with them."

The fact that Andy Miller played at Trinity and is now at Ohio State did not hurt the Buckeyes chances either.

"He really pushed OSU early on," Sweat explained. "I knew he would not B.S. me at all and that really helped me. Andy is like my big brother. We actually live on the same street, so it's kind of odd having two kids from the same high school who live on the same road playing for the same college."

There were a few other people who may have slightly influenced Sweat and his decision.

"I have a great bond with a lot of my future teammates," he said. "Me and (Mike) Brewster are like best friends. We speak everyday. I even talk to his mom, dad and brother as well. I have grown close to all the guys like Jake (Stoneburner), (Mike) Adams, Devoe (Torrence) and (Devier) Posey. It was a no-brainer to go there with them."

Notre Dame finished second to the Buckeyes and really made up a lot of ground over the past month or so. One factor that the Fighting Irish could not make up for was the distance from Washington, Pa., to South Bend.

"Notre Dame has some great people there as well," Sweat said. "It's six and a half hours from home though and that is too far from home. The decision really did come down to the proximity to home for me."

A few months ago, Notre Dame was in his top two and then they disappeared and then re-emerged, why?

"I really didn't get to know the coaches well enough," Sweat said. "I took the time and got to know the coaches, especially Corwin Brown and I realized I really liked them."

Penn State was a school who also at one time almost landed Sweat, but about two months ago things changed.

"I really liked Penn State and especially Tom Bradley, but they really tried to pressure me into committing and that pushed me away."

Florida and Pittsburgh according to Sweat were two of the final four or five schools for him as well.

"I liked Florida, but when I went there that last time I realized it's just not for me," He said. "I really liked Dave Wannstedt at Pittsburgh and Greg Gattuso. I loved the way they recruited me and I still text with Gattuso he is a great guy. It's really hard saying no to them and all these guys really. That is the one thing I have really taken out of this whole process is that I got to meet a lot of great coaches, but in the end even if I didn't play football I would still want to go to Ohio State."

Being In Pennsylvania and close to West Virginia, would it be safe to say he faced some pressure to stay home?

"People are going to say whatever they want to say," he said. "In the end it was Ohio State, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Michigan. I just had trouble saying no to people, but I really feel good about my choice.

"It has always been Ohio State and someone else whether it was Florida, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Penn State and someone else the someone else was always Ohio State," Sweat told "I tried to be mature about the process, I'm sure I messed up a time or two on the way, but I had a lot of fun and met some great people."

One coach at Ohio State who played a major role in Sweat's recruitment and will be a big part of his future is Luke Fickell.

"I have a great bond with Ohio State," Sweat exclaimed. "He is a big reason for why I chose Ohio State. He told me they were high on me because of my versatility. He said I could play MIKE, WILL or SAM for them."

Sweat is excited about this incoming Ohio State class.

"I think it could be the No. 1 class, if we had a full class I think it would be. We have a bunch of studs coming there. I always feel games are one and lost on the lines and we have as good a s line group as anyone with guys like Adams, Shugarts and Brewster."

Like those before him like Mike Brewster, Sweat now plans on hitting the recruiting trail to give his peers the Ohio State pep talk and he has some specific targets in mind.

"Shayne Hale, Terrelle Pryor, Brendan Beal and Mike Zordich, but I think Zordich is going elsewhere. I think those guys, along with Josh Jenkins and Keith Wells are studs. Now we need to get them on board.

However it works out is ok with Andrew, he is just happy that the recruiting process is over with.

"I am super-excited," he said. "Now I can just lift, run and swim and the stress is gone. I decided about three days ago. I called Coach Fickell and told him and I called Coach Tressel today."

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